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1,564 Virtual Lessons Organized by Tutors in all 46 Colleges of Education

Checks conducted by the News Desk of the Colleges of Education Weekly Journal indicate that in the week ending of Saturday, 30th May, 2020 a total of 1,564 virtual lessons were organized by tutors in all 46 Colleges of Education, a 10 percentage-point increase over the week ending of 23rd May 2020. This represents 85% of all scheduled lessons in the Colleges of Education timetables. The overall student-teacher attendance rate across the 45 Colleges of Education which submitted complete data returns was 75% (a four percentage-point increase compared to the previous week).  The overall attendance rate was 73% for core courses and 79% for elective courses. These are the highest attendance rates achieved so far this Semester.


14 Colleges of Education achieved overall student-teacher attendance rates of 90% or higher:  Abetifi College of Education – 96%, Presbyterian College of Education, Akropong – 99%, E.P. College of Education, Amedzofe – 95%, Jasikan College of Education – 91%, Mampong Technical College of Education – 94%, Methodist College of Education, Akim Oda – 99%, Mount Mary College of Education, Somanya – 90%, Akatsi College of Education – 94%, OLA College of Education, Cape Coast – 94%, Peki College of Education – 100%, SDA College of Education,  Koforidua – 99%, Tamale College of Education – 90%, Ada College of Education 100% and Accra College of Education – 99%.


The number of users of the B.Ed. resources hub on the National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) website increased with 2,070 unique users. The cadre of 15 Virtual Learning trouble-shooters continued to provide support to Colleges of Education with trouble-shooters in the Central and Western Zone working with other ICT coordinators to organize peer-led capacity development virtual workshops for tutors. In the Northern Zone, Dr. Dimitrios Vlachopoulos, in collaboration with the trouble-shooters supported Gbewaa College of Education with specific issues relating to the use of their Learning Management System extended to them by the University of Education–Winneba (UEW), the mentoring university. In the Eastern and Greater Accra Zone, the team supported SDA College of Education, Asokore with the use of WhatsApp.


The News Desk can confirm that Colleges of Education COVID-19 campaign messages had been approved by the Ghana Health Service.  The campaign message posters targeting both tutors and student teachers have since been shared with all 46 Colleges of Education Principals. The messages will be used in the online learning environment.  Beyond the Colleges of Education, the messages have also been disseminated via WhatsApp and Facebook for wider stakeholder consumption.

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