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About The GES Call Center Numbers For SHS School Placement

The GES Call Center Numbers For SHS School Placement is set up by the GES Technical Team for the SHS School Placement for this year.

This is to effectively and efficiently address placement related challenges with the release of placements for over 525,000 candidates into Senior High Schools (SHS).




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SHS CSSPS School Placement

The SHS School Placement is to offer 525,000 qualified BECE graduates access to Free SHS education in the 721 senior high, technical and vocational schools of in Ghana.

The GES Call Center Numbers For SHS School Placement will be responsible for dealing with all placement checking and self placement challenges.

Due to the restrictions, Management of GES has therefore set up call centres across the Country to serve as appropriate alternative to resolve all placement-related issues.


GES Call Center

The SHS Placement Call Centres is available  for each region, with specific numbers allocated for every region.

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You will have to call the numbers assigned to the region you are in.

The GES call centres have been furnished Laptops and internet connection have been installed with the help of technical staff to ensure all software and relevant data for assisting persons with issues are resolved.


GES Call Center Numbers


How to Check BECE SHS School Placement On Phone Online


SHS Self Placement Guidelines


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