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Summary Of The New Educational Reforms In Ghana

Here is the Summary Of The New Educational Reforms In Ghana as outlined by The Ghana Education Service (GES), Ministry of Education (MoE) and the National Council for Curriculum Assessment (NaCCA). The new Educational Reforms covers all levels of Ghana’s education system.


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Summary Of The New Educational Reforms In Ghana

  1. Kindergarten, primary school, JHS and SHS are all described as basic schools.  JHS 1, 2, 3 and SHS 1 is now referred to as BS 7,8,9 and 10 respectively i. e. SHS 1 shall now be called BS 10.
  2. All students in JHS 1 to SHS 1 now run a Common Core Programme called CCP which comprises of 9 subjects; namely – Mathematics, Languages, Science, RME (stand alone subject), Physical and Health Education (not examinable) , Career Technology, Social Studies, Computing and Creative Art and Design.
  3. A new of examination called National Standard Assessment Test (NSAT) is now conducted at Primary 2, 4, 6 and JHS 2.
  4. Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is now replaced by placement exams at JHS 3 to enroll students into SHS1.
  5. Students in SHS1 are to continue to run the Common Core Programme for one year thus students into SHS1 shall not select science, business or arts programmes.
  6. At the end of SHS1, Students will write a Common Core Examination into SHS 2.
  7. At SHS 2, all students now have to select either a career related programme which include, vocational and technical programmes or a high school Diploma programmes such as science, busines, arts.
  8. Meaning that Elective subjects starts at SHS 2.
  9. WASCCE is now replaced by university entrance exams at SHS3.
  10. Students after successful completion of SHS 3 are to be rewarded a Diploma Certificate instead of WASSCE certificate.
  11. The education system will now be research, community engagement, projects based with fewer contents.
  12. Computer Literacy is one of the major focus of this CCP programme as all educational stakeholders must be in good position to provide adequate I.T. facilities for students
  13. Science at the basic level now comprises of physical and applied science which involves more of demonstrative features. It is sectioned into Diversity of matter, Cycle, System, Forces and Energy, Human and Environment.


  1. Good day Mr/Mrs
    Please, I may like to know of basic 6 exams .
    From a priopriator
    Fedem Gomado

  2. Pls are the learning materials as well as teacher refreshed on this new curriculum yet.
    It is a better reform. Congrats Ghana

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