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BECE For Private Candidates: Topic Areas And Sample Questions

Here are official topic areas and sample questions for the private BECE candidates provided by WAEC.
The Syllabus topics outlined for each of the subjects in the section have been extracted from the detailed Syllabuses developed for use in Junior High Schools by the Ghana Education Service. Teachers and prospective candidates are therefore advised to thoroughly acquaint themselves with the scope and the depth of materials to be covered, to ensure adequate preparation for the examination.


The Schemes of Examination have been outlined. For each subject, there will be two Papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2, both of which must be taken. Paper 1 will be an objective test and Paper 2 an essay test. Paper 1 and 2 will be combined and taken at one sitting. The time duration for the examination is stated for each Paper. The Schemes of Examination form the basis of the rubrics. Teachers and prospective candidates are advised to acquaint themselves with them as the contravention will lead to loss of marks. The Specimen Questions presented for each subject should also serve as a guide.



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Download Topic Areas and Sample Questions For Private BECE Candidates


Download the complete topic areas and sample questions for the private BECE exams here: Topic Areas and Sample Questions

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Lexis and Structure

 Tenses
 Concord/Agreement
 Conditional Sentence
 Vocabulary e.g. Phrasal Verbs, General Vocabulary
 Passive and Active forms
 Direct and Reported Speech
 Question and Answer Tags
 Phrases and Clauses
 Idiomatic Expressions
 Parts of speech


 Basic characters/roles
 Themes
 Literary Devices – symbols, imagery etc
 Subject matter
 Setting
 Plot

Essay Writing

 Letters – formal and informal
 narrative/descriptive
 exposition(describing processes)
 speech
 argument/debate
 article
 report
 agenda
 minute writing
 letters to the press
The essay should not be less than 250 words.


Types of Passages Concepts to be taught
 the use/meaning of certain words and expressions in relation to their context;
 the understanding of the whole or part of the passage.

Types of Passages
 Dialogue or conversation
 Narrative
 Descriptive
 Explanation of a process
 Giving directions or instructions



There will be two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2, both of which must be taken. The Papers will
be combined and taken at one sitting.

Paper 1: This will be an objective test consisting of two parts: Part A, Lexis and
Structure and Part B, Literature.
Part A will comprise 32 lexis and structure items and Part B, 8 literature questions.
All the 40 questions will have to be answered within forty-five (45) minutes for 40
Paper 2: This will consist of two parts. Part A – Essay Writing and Part B – Comprehension
There will be three topics in Part A and candidates will be expected to write on only
one. In Part B, there will be one comprehension passage and the candidates will be
required to answer all the questions on it.
The paper will last one (1) hour and will carry sixty (60) marks.



From the alternatives lettered A to D, choose the one which most suitably completes each

1. Mary is a …………… girl.
A. beautiful young Nigerian
B. young beautiful Nigerian
C. young Nigerian beautiful
D. Nigerian young beautiful


2. Kojo plays the violin very well, ……………….?
A. couldn’t he
B. don’t he
C. doesn’t he
D. can’t he


Choose from the alternatives lettered A to D the one which is nearest in meaning to the
underlined word in each sentence.

1. My celibate friend is happy.
A. single
B. simple
C. busy
D. hardworking

2. You look very shagged.
A. beautiful
B. worried
C. tired
D. silly


In each of the following sentences a word or group of words has been underlined. Choose from
the alternatives lettered A to D the one that best explains the underlined word or group of

1. The students were told to give a good account of themselves.
This means the students were told to
A. behave well.
B. do well.
C. work hard.
D. learn hard.

2. Her room is in apple-pie order.
This means her room is
A. untidy.
B. tidy.
C. good.
D. bad



From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one which is most nearly opposite in
meaning to the underlined word in each sentence.
1. My grandmother is a weak centenarian.
A. troublesome
B. robust
C. cheerful
D. inquisitive

2. When asked about the breakage, Kofi said he was innocent.
A. surprised
B. guilty
C. afraid
D. absent



Read the excerpts below and choose the correct answer from the alternatives
lettered A to D.

‘Ama was a lioness in the fight’.
1. The literary device used in the above is
A. personification.
B. simile.
C. metaphor.
D. alliteration.

‘We are three men
With a plea
To be set free now
To move with glee’

2. The rhyme scheme in the verse above is
A. abcb
B. acab
C. aabc
D. aaba




Answer one question only from this section.
1. Write an article for publication in a national newspaper on the topic:
Why bushfires must be avoided.
2. Your uncle wants to visit you in your school. Give him the directions.
3. Describe to your friends the most interesting function you have attended


Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions which follow:
4. One day a poor fisherman went fishing and caught nothing. He was just about to go home
when he felt the net suddenly grow heavy. He thought he had caught a large fish. But when he
dragged it ashore, he found only a heavy copper pot sealed with lead. He shook it and feeling
sure it contained something valuable, he took his knife, cut the top of the lead and turned it
upside down. For a moment nothing came out; and then it started to smoke, and this smoke
slowly rose right up to the sky like a thick fog. It suddenly turned into a huge genie.

“Bow down”, said the genie, “and let me kill you.”
“Why?” asked the fisherman, “Have you forgotten that I set you free?”
“Yes, but I have sworn to kill you”, said the genie.
“I’m a spirit that rebelled against the Creator and to punish me he shut me up in this
copper pot. During the first century of my captivity, I swore to make anyone who freed
me rich. During the second century, I swore I would grant him any three things. But
after these centuries, in anger, I swore to kill my liberator without mercy.”
“Well, die I must,” said the fisherman, “but swear that you really were in that pot. It is
too small to hold even your little finger. Unless I see it, I shall not believe it.”
“See then and believe,” said the genie.

He slowly changed back into smoke and entered the pot. The fisherman immediately
put back the lead cover and threw it into the sea.

1. What did the fisherman catch?
2. Why did the fisherman open the lead pot?
3. State two things the genie swore to do.
4. Explain the following expression in your own words: ‘Well, die I must’.

🔥  BECE Results Release Date 2023/2024

5. For each of the following words, give another word or phrase that means the same and
can fit into the passage:
(i) ashore
(ii) valuable
(iii) genie





Structural Items

Idiomatic expressions and other fixed expressions such as
“venir de + infintif, avoir + faim/soif/âge, combien de + le pluriel” etc.


 Professions
 Parts of the body
 Days of the week/ months of the year/ time & date
 Parts of building
 Games/hobbies
 Means of transport
 Clothing
 The weather
 Sports
 Geographical places



Should indicate Types of Passages and Concepts to be taught.

 Verbs;
 Tenses
 Le présent
 Le future
 Le passé
 L’imparfait

Subject/verb agreement.
 Pronouns
 Adjectives
 Adverbs
 Articles
 Preposition
 Negations
 Gender

Essay – Guided Essay-writing
Emphasis on:
 Content – 20 marks
 Grammar – 10 marks
 Overall Expression – 5 marks
 Clarity – 5 marks
NB: As much as possible the essay should be communication-oriented, for
example, writing post cards, letters, news items (“faits divers”).



There will be two Papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2, both of which must be taken. The
Papers will be combined and taken at one sitting.
Paper 1
The Paper will consist of 40 multiple choice objective questions covering lexis,
structure and comprehension, all of which must be answered in one hour for 40 marks.
Paper 2
The Paper will consist of two guided essays and candidates will be required to answer
one. The questions may require picture description, letter writing, narration or
description. The paper shall last 45 minutes and carry 40 marks.



PAPER 1 – 1hour (40 marks)
Part I – Structural Items

Below are sentences with blank spaces, followed by options lettered A- D. Choose
from the options the correct answer that will fit into each blank space and shade on
your answer sheet the letter of your choice.

1. Kofi est en train de ——— son devoir.
A. fait
B. faire
C. fais
D. faisant

2. Mon ———quinze ans.
A. est
B. a
C. es
D. as

3. Maman vient ———- finir le repas du soir.
A. de
C. en
D. sans

4. ———–.
A. a courir
B. courant
C. courez
D. courons

5. Tu as combien ———- grandes soeurs ?
A. des
B. de
C. du
D. de la

Part II (Lexical Items)

1. La fille de ma sœur est ma ————–
2. Un manguier produit des —————–
3. Le ———— françaises.
4. de football a battu Notre-Dame JSS par deux ———-

5. Tous les ————–

1. sœur petite fille cousine
2. pommes oranges mangues citrons
3. directeur professeur chanteur musicien
4. ballons baskets bâtons buts
5. candidats professeurs ouvriers gens




The Environment

 The Environment and Environmental Problems
 Adolescent reproductive health
 Our Culture
 Mapping our environment
 Ghana, My country
 Natural features of the earth
 Population growth and development in Ghana

Governance, Politics and Stability

 Ghana as a nation
 Colonization and national development
 Independence and nationhood
 Citizenship and human rights
 Our constitution
 Law and order in our constitution
 Meaning and prevention of conflicts
 Ghana’s cooperation with other nations
 Government and society
 Promoting Political stability in Ghana



 The use of land in our community
 Our Natural and Human Resources
 Production in Ghana
 Managing your finance
 Tourism, Leisure and Development
 Education and Productivity
 Entrepreneurship
 Problems of development in Ghana
 Sustainable national development
 The youth and discipline



The will be two papers, Papers 1 and 2 both of which must be taken. The Papers will be
combined and taken at one sitting.

Paper 1 will consist of 40 objective questions, all of which must be answered in 45 minutes
for a total of 40 marks.

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Paper 2 will be an essay-type paper consisting of three sections, A, B and C thus Two
questions will be set on each section, and as follows:
Section A: The Environment
Section B: Governance, Politics and Stability
Section C: Social and Economic Development.

Candidates will be required to answer three questions in all choosing one question from each
section. The paper will last 1 hour and carry 60 marks.


1. Which of the following conditions cannot be described as an effect of irresponsible
adolescent behaviour?
A. Becoming an outcast in society
B. Becoming a drug addict
C. Dropping out of school
D. Receiving commendation from elders

2. Human interaction is specifically part of the
A. artificial environment.
B. natural environment.
C. physical environment.
D. social environment

3. Female genital mutilation should be abolished because it
A. makes girls infertile.
B. makes girls very ugly.
C. promotes prostitution.
D. violate the rights of the girls.

4. Which of the following factors can create political instability in Ghana?
A. A workable constitution
B. Free and fair elections
C. Rigging of election
D. Rule of law

5. The production of goods and services can be increased in Ghana through
A. increment in salaries of workers
B. long period of service.
C. the acquisition of higher education.
D. the application of appropriate technology

6. Which of the following conditions can result in indiscipline among the youth in
A. Good employment
B. Parental guide
C. Quality education
D. Substance abuse


1. (a) State four benefits of staying chaste. [4 marks] (b) Outline four effects of irresponsible adolescent behaviour. [16 marks]


2. (a) What is co-operation? [4 marks] (b) Highlight four benefits Ghana derives from cooperating with other
nations. [16 marks]


3. Explain five reasons why an individual should save towards the future. [20 marks]





 Sets
 Operations on Sets
 Properties of Natural Numbers
 Numeration System
 Operations on Whole Numbers
 Positive and negative Integers, Rational Numbers
 Common Fractions and Decimal Fractions
 Ratio and Proportion
 Percentages, Rates and Taxes
 Exponents (Indices)
 Collecting and Handling Data (Statistics)
 Probability
 Algebraic Expressions
 Linear Equations in One Variable
 Linear Inequalities in One Variable
 Mapping
 Number Plane
 Basic Solids
 Length and Area of Plan Figures
 Volume of Basic Solids
 Angles
 Right-Angled Triangle (Properties)
 Measurement of Capacity, Mass, Time and Money
 Rigid Motion
 Enlargement and Similar figures
 Constructions, Loci
 Vectors
 Investigation with Numbers


There will be two papers: Paper 1 and 2, both of which must be taken. The Papers will be
combined and taken at one sitting.

Paper 1: will be a multiple-choice objective paper consisting of 40 questions. The
questions will be drawn from the entire syllabus and candidates will be
expected to answer them within 1 hour for 40 marks.

Paper 2: will be an essay paper. It will consist of six questions and candidates will be
expected to answer any four within 1 hour for 60 marks.
Questions in this paper may be drawn from any part of the syllabus.



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