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BECE Private SHS Results, Selection And Placement Process 2020 / 2021 –

Here is the BECE Private SHS Results checking procedures and Selection Process 2020 / 2021. The West African Examination Council ( WEAC BECE ) has released the results and SHS Selection Process and placement for  the BECE Private candidates for the 2020 / 2021 SHS Placement. The management of the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) Ghana has released the 2020 Private BECE Examination Results and asked students to check their result on the WEAC Portal. In this guide we show you how to check your WAEC BECE private results and selection placement.



BECE Private SHS Selection Process 2020/2021 –


Here is how to the WAEC BECE Private SHS Selection List, BECE Private SHS Placement Registration as well as How to Select BECE SHS.




Here is how to the WAEC BECE Private SHS Selection List, BECE Private SHS Placement Registration as well as How to Select BECE SHS.


  1. To begin, first visit WAEC BECE Private Portal;
  2. Then Log in with your index number and Pin Code you purchased
  3. Afterwards, Click on Check Placement Status
  4. If you realise you have not been Placed, there will be a link to Self-placement
  5. Then Click on the self-placement link
  6. Then select your preferred region on the new tab
  7. Afterwards, Select your preferred school
  8. Then Select your SHS program of choice
  9. Then Click on the submit button to confirm placement
  10. AfterwardsProceed to print your placement notice.



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  1. Please I can’t access; when I enter my index number and password for BECE Private it can’t open,it just say invalid.please help me

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