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BECE Registration Procedures

Here are the GES outlined BECE Registration Procedures, qualifications and required data needed for the BECE registration for the current registration year


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BECE Registration Qualifications And Requirements

  • Students must be in his/her final year
  • Students must not be from a different school,
  • Head teachers are not expected to register students from other schools
  • Resitters are not allowed to register
  • Resitters  are to register for the ongoing private BECE.
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BECE Registration Documents

  1. Candidate’s telephone numbers.
  2. Names should be correctly spelt, and in the right order. The system now accepts up to a maximum of 40 characters
  3. Date of Birth: Please have the date of birth confirmed once again by parents before the registration. Date of birth would not be changed after certificates have been printed if they turn out to be wrong.


  1. Plain or off-white background;
  2. Clear;
  3. Properly aligned -centered;
  4. Show face and both ears;
  5. Image should be captured without sunglasses or spectacles;
  6. Candidates are to look straight at the cameras.

Heads of school are therefore advised to cross check the candidates’ pictures to ensure that they have been correctly identified

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BECE Registration Subject Selection

Compulsory Subjects have been pre-selected

  • Ghanaian Languages and Culture (11);
  • Basic Design and Technology (3);
  • Optional Subjects (ICT and French) – Note that these subjects are optional to Schools and not candidates. Ensure that the candidates are registered for the correct option.

Heads of school should ensure that their candidates have been entered for the right subjects. Candidates would not be allowed to write subjects that they have not been registered for. Should they go ahead and write these subjects, their results would delay/ no results would be processed for them. This is to ensure that the administration of the examination is not compromised.


BECE Registration Continuous Assessment

The continuous assessment score has a maximum of a hundred (100) marks. Under no circumstances should it be scaled down to 30%.Do not give zero (O) as a continuous assessment score.

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BECE Registration School Selection And placement

Two types of school choice selection procedure —

  • 30% Catchment area
  • 70% competitive.

Candidates are to opt for only one type of school selection.

All District Directors should please ensure that 30% Catchment Area Registers are forwarded to the CSSPS/Free SHS Secretariat.

All new Junior High Schools and Senior High Schools in their districts are captured on their Catchment Area Registers.


BECE Registration Errors To Be Avoided

  • Arrangement of Candidate’s Name
  • Wrong Gender;
  • Wrong Date of Birth;
  • Wrong matching of names/pictures of candidates;
  • Wrong selection of Subjects
  • Late Registration / Corrections



  • Problems with the administration of the examination;
  • ‘ Delay in the processing of results; ‘ Late placement of candidates;
  • Errors on Certificates

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