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BECE Results Checker: Check Results, Placement, Results Release Date

Here is the BECE Results Checker: Check Results, Placement, Results Release Date and schedule. In Ghana, the Basic Education Certificate Examination is the main test carried out to certify students for Senior High School and Vocational schools. This exam is run after students complete their three years of Junior High School education. 

This exam is usually conducted in June. Students who expect placement in Senior High Schools (SHS) must meet the standards used to qualify them. Nonetheless, knowing your BECE results is the first thing to do.

Concerning candidates who are eligible for the BECE selection process, both Ghanaian and Non-Ghananian candidates are eligible. Fortunately, getting access to your BECE results in 2020 is not as complicated as before. This is as a result of the modern system measures WAEC and other stakeholders put in place.


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Guidelines And Procedures For Checking Your BECE SHS School Placement

Watch the one minute short video below on how to select and check Your BECE SHS School Placement.


How To Check Your BECE Results

Checking of BECE results comes with a fair share of complications. 0.28% of the results were withheld by the WAEC on fraud claims, which is the most climax of it all.

By what WAEC released to the press, the percentage, out of a population of 1298 of 468060 were candidates who engaged in examination malpractices.

WAEC, a body tasked to release results noted, in their 2020 press release BECE results, that the students can access their results online, through their website.

What you will need is a phone or computer, and reliable internet. You can decide to use LAN, mobile data, or WI-FI; just anyone of them at your exposure.

All that you need is a phone or computer and reliable internet. You can choose to use mobile data, LAN, or WI-FI. It is important to know how you can check your BECE results online before they are released.

You will also need a WAEC result checker from an approved dealer in Ghana. Some of the authorized dealers are Ghana Post, Apex Bank, and Lismic Consult Limited, and New Era Educational Consult Limited. After, carefully go through the following guidelines to use your BECE results checker successfully

  • Visit the WAEC result checker online portal. (
  • Once on the site, Enter your Index number.
  • Select the BECE examination for the “Examination type”
  • Next, enter your Examination year, for example, 2020.
  • After, enter the serial number on your results checker
  • Now enter the 12 digit PIN as well. (must also be on the results checker)
  • Re-enter your index number as well as your year for double-checking.
  • Click the submit button.

 After you are done with the very last step, your results should pop up in a different window, successfully.


How To Check BECE Results On phone

This is also a different method you can use to check your result in case you can’t go through the previous steps.

With your MTN mobile money, you can manage to buy WAEC-BECE result checkers. How can you check BECE results via your phone? The process is simple as shown below:

  1. Dial your Mobile Money shortcode
  2. Select pay bill
  3. Choose “general payment” option
  4. You will be asked to provide the following information:
  • Payment code – monicliq waec
  • Reference – your current phone number
  • Amount – 5
  1. Wait for an SMS, which will be your results
  2. In case of any problem follow up through +233244783838


The BECE Result Release Date

The month of September is usually the release month after every BECE. It is the month set by WAEC, and GES to release results.


BECE SHS School Placement

BECE results are not yet released yet. But they will by September, After a lengthy struggle, with complications in the education system, it is only the excellent students that get rewarded with the right BECE results placement.

Each of the students sets his or her mind on the best Senior High Schools in the country. Fortunately, the system adopted by Ghana Education Service to place students guarantees that you get the best option for a senior high school

This shows your performance on the BECE exams. The computerized school selection and placement system is that which gives students a good chance to view the institutions they have been enrolled and the specific program they are given to offer. Follow the guidelines below to check your BECE 2020 placement:

  • Open the Message application of your phone
  • Enter 1060 as the recipients number in your phone’s messaging platform.
  • Next, enter your 10-digit index number in the text box e.g., 0987654321.
  • Press send.
  • Then wait for your high school placement results.


One thing you will need to be sure to put in place is that, there should be no spacing between your digits. Also, the short code 1060 applies to any network. If you come across challenges with the process, add the two-digit suffix of your examination’s year (last two digits of the year you took the examination) to your index number. Say you took the exams in 2002. Your input should then look like this: 433948294802 where 4339482948 is your index number.

Also, it is as important that you are familiar with the application process for the second batch of BECE placement. If you have no idea of how to go about it, then follow the detailed step below:

  • Open the official site portal – CSSPS Placements
  • Enter your PIN-code and index number to login to the site.
  • Press on the “check placement status.”
  • You will get a link to self-placement (given that you are yet to be placed).
  • Press on the self-placement link.
  • It will take you to a new tab where you will choose your region of choice.
  • Select your school of choice.
  • Choose your preferred program.
  • Press the submit button, which will be a command to place yourself.
  • Print the placement notice with your full details.


BECE Results placement

In advance of this year’s senior high school placement, the cssps will be reviewed. This is to narrow the placement process, which will enhance the student placement process.

According to the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service, Prof. Kwasi Opoku-Amankwa, this process started earlier this year in May. It came before the beginning of the BECE exams.


BECE Certificate

Aside the results, there are certificates given out to successful students. This usually happens three months after BECE results release date. These certificates are then sent to all school so that individual candidates can easily collec them.

 According to Prof. Opoky, the review is done to ensure that previews challenges faced during the placement process won’t happen again. This will make sure the operations goes as planned. This year’s students will be the third batch of students to reap from the free SHS program that was introduced in the academic year.


Checking BECE results is easy and does not take a lot of time. WAEC-BECE results checking process is simple, and this has made it possible for students to know their grades at ease. According to the Ghana Education Service, this year’s examination results will delay due to the outbreak and spread of COVID-19 globally. Students will be notified when the results and placement are ready for the 2020/2021 academic year.


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