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BECE School Placement Guidelines

The first phase of the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) has duly begun, Parents are therefore to guide their children in the selection of schools of their choice in accordance with declared vacancies in Senior High Schools.

This article presents the BECE School Placement Conditions & Guidelines as stated by the Ghana Education Service (GES). This to help you avoid errors in the selection of schools for the School Placement.

The BECE School Placement Guidelines are to ensure smooth placement and Selection of Senior High Schools for BECE candidates.


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About BECE School Placement

  • A list of schools has been sent to the various Junior High Schools preparing for the BECE
  • Parents and teachers are to Guide students to select five schools in order of preference
  • When selecting schools, you are to consider your academic performance because the raw scores of students are fed into the CSSPS to generate ranking for students to compete for available slots with students with higher marks getting their first, second or third choice respectively
  • You are to select one-day school in your district
  • You must select at least one day school in your district


BECE School Placement Limitations

  • Students who score aggregate 9 in the following core subjects: English, Maths and Science are not qualified for placements,
  • such students are to register for the Private BECE to re-write the BECE exams in the failed areas for placement in any of the Senior High Schools.
  • Afterwards Students with the private BECE results can visit a school of choice with an available vacancy for heads of such schools to forward the their document to the Free SHS Secretariat for placement.
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BECE School Placement Guidelines

All Candidates with help from parents and school authorities are to observe the following:

  1. You Must choose Five (5) schools (1st to 5th choice)
  2. You Must select programmes and accommodation in each school of choice.
  3. You must list choices 1 to 4 in order of preference
  4. You 5th choice must be from category D Schools and must be a Catchment area day school which is the Category D compulsory day school.
  5. This implies that the compulsory day school choice is now restricted to candidates’ 5th Choice.
  6. You May select Four (4) choices from category C Schools and One (1) from category D Schools
  7. You Cannot select more than Two (2) schools from category B Schools
  8. You Cannot select more than One (1) schools from category A Schools
  9. If you desire to pursue purely technical programmes may select all 1st – 4th schools from Technical or Vocational category, category E and must still select the 5th choice from category D Schools .
  10. You must arrange your chosen schools in order of preference
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