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BECE SHS Placement Checker

Here is the BECE SHS Placement Checker. Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is one of the main examinations conducted in Ghana to qualify candidates to study in approved schools such as Technical Institutes, Vocational or Secondary schools. The Ministry of Education, which is a branch of the Ghana Education Service organizes these exams every year. Ghanaian candidates are only qualified to take out this examination after the completion of the 3 years of their Junior High Schools.


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When Is BECE Taken

Ghanaian candidates who qualify to go through the examination always do take it in the month of June. Yet it does not last the whole month. It is only supposed to last one week, unless of course a paper is ruled out.


BECE Subjects Taken

The subjects that are taken during the examination are the very ones they get to study. These include:

  • Mathematics
  • Information Communication and Technology ( I.C.T)
  • Social studies
  • Ghanaian Language
  • French
  • Religious and Moral Education (R.M.E)
  • Integrated Science
  • English Language Arts
  • Basic Design and Technology (B.D.T)


Registration of Approved Schools

The various schools approved by the Ghana Education Service get to start their student registration in October. This registration is timed to end early November. These schools get to submit the entries of the students by uploading in order to be processed.


BECE Placement

The BECE is the standard to determine the qualification of every Ghanaian candidate who wishes to join the Senior High Schools, vocational school and technical institutes. The Ministry of Education in Ghana uses the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) to fairly select candidate according to their grades.


BECE Placement Results

After the release of the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) is done, the Ministry of Education now goes ahead to post the placement results of each candidate who partook in the examination.


BECE Placement Checker

Due to the advancement in technology, it is now very easy for candidates to check their BECE placement using their mobile phones. Another way others prefer to check theirs is to text via the CSSPC online portal. If you are among those who prefer the latter method, you will have to send a non-spaced text to the 1060 short code.


Sending the text via the Mobile Phone

Concerning texting to the 1060 short code, you only have to send your index number alongside your year of completion without spacing them out. For example, assuming you completed in the year 2015 and your index number is 123456789, all you have to do is text 123456789 alongside 15 without spacing them out. It should be in this form 12345678915.


How to send the Text Online Portal

Literally, this method involves the candidate visiting the CSSPS online portal ( and entering your index number combined with the year of completion as shown in the previous step. Be notified that you need the Serial Number and your PIN on your scratch card. Enter your PIN and then submit and wait for your results.



BECE Placement Form

It is a must for all candidates to verify where the CSSPS placed them. And of course, print and fill their WAEC BECE Placement Form carefully not forgetting to attach their passports as required. The form should then be submitted to the placed schools.


Candidate Disqualified?

Well, this is not the end of the world though. Since the candidate can apply for self-placement in schools that have vacancies when they are denied any of their dream schools. This means that candidates would have to fully prepare for the examination in order to get placed by the CSSPS instead of themselves.

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