Brief Report From The GES Workshop For SHS Second Semester Reopening And Activities

Here is the Brief Report From The Ges Workshop For Headmasters, Headmistress, Asstant Heads of Academic & head of departments ( H.O.d’s ) concerning the Senior High School ( SHS ) second semester reopening and activities. This information has been published in the Daily Graphic, 19th December, 2019 page 23.

1.All Form 3 Students and the Form Teachers will return to School starting from 5th January, 2020 for academic works till end of WASSCE,May-June 2020 exam is over. This is the intervention Period.


2. First and Second years will come to school starting from 1st March, 2020 for all single track schools until 28th August, 2020**with one week break for resting *(6months in school)


3. Form 3&1 both green and gold shall resume come January 5,2020. While form two will resume in march The intervention fee per student as discussed is Gh 75.00 Plsss share the information across all teaching platforms to get to the students especially the form two double track schools



Lecture at the Workshop


All teachers are to adopt good teaching skills or strategies of teaching to meet students individual needs to enable them pass their WASSCE exams successfully.
This intervention strategies should be categorized into 3 parts called Tier,1 Tier 2 and Tier 3
(Details of these will be given to you when we meet in school)



Assessment of students


All teachers should make sure all your students score high marks in their Assignments and End of term exams
Your targets should be 100% and the least person should score 80% minimum, if you are not achieving this, then you need to adopt *ability teaching intervention tier 1,2 and tier 3)



Intervention Money


Little information was given on this issue because government is still engaging all the stakeholders on the best option going forward.But the assurance is that intervention money will be paid but the formula for sharing will be different from last year( May be every school will be left to draw their own formula suitable for them based on consensus.



Other Matters


Teacher absenteeism. Laziness on the part of students and teachers, Indiscipline in schools, intimidation, Lack of facilities, TLMs, Time constraint. Financial difficulties etc were identified as some of the causes of poor performance in WASSCE Results and teachers should be the change maker and brighten the corner where you are.
Thank you.



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