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How To Build Muscle Fast With Less Effort

Here is how to build as much muscle as fast as those who frequently visit the gym, while putting in as less effort as possible to suit your busy schedule.


Most casual body builders frequent their visit to the gym so as to build mucsle fast. Some go morning and evening seven days a week. This is definitely time and energy consuming.

Nothing comes easy but lets say you have a busy schedule but you would have to keep fit, get some shreds or gain some muscle.

It could be that you are just a newbie who gets exhausted for days after a time at the gym. Or you have been working out for years alright but your body just cant cope with visiting the gym as frequently.

Well here is how to gain as much muscle as those who frequently visit the gym.


This all depends on what is called the recovery period. And here is what the recovery period means: When you workout your muscles gets fatigued and torn. Your body responds to this by repairing those muscles while you rest.

The period within which your body takes to repair damaged muscles is what is called the recovery period.

How long this takes depends on how intense you worked out and how your body can handle such stress.

It is therefore advisable to wait till you recover before going back to the gym. You know you are OK to go when the severe and unbearable pains subside a little.


Some people go through this process faster while others take longer. If you are not going through a period of severe and sometimes unbearable pain then you are not building muscles.

That is why it is advisable to constantly increase your weights as your body adapts so that you constantly feel that severe pain in your muscles.






Build Muscle With Less Effort


Now here is how to build muscle without frequently visiting the gym.

Workout so hard to the extent that you cant lift anymore. You start with the heavier weights while gradually reducing it for a very long period of time, until you are unable to lift it at some point.

The secret to this method is working out a longer time than usual instead of working out a short time then go home and come again just like many people do.


I usually workout constantly for three hours at least. Lifting as heavy as possible while gradually reducing the weights till i cant lift any longer. I do a variety of heavy workouts.

The end result, i get so tired it hurts. The recovery period after such severe workout takes up to three days. During this period i take multivitamins and supplements  while eating as much real protein (meat and diary) and food as possible with the help of appetite medicines.

Within the recovery period i have time for work and other things. As soon as the recovery period ends, I am back at the gym repeating what I did.

The result is constant bulking, shredding and increase in weight. This might not be with “less effort” in terms of workout but at least “less effort” in terms of less visit to the gym while having time for other things.


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