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Category A, B, C, D Schools In Eastern Region

Here are the Category A, B, C, D Schools in Eastern Region for the BECE SHS CSSPS School Placement





About Category A, B, C, D Schools In Eastern Region

The Category A,B,C Schools in Eastern Region Region of Ghana is used by the Ghana Education Service (G.E.S) to place students transiting from the Junior High Schools (JHS) into Senior High Schools (SHS), Senior High Technical Schools (SHTS) and Technical/ Vocational Institutes (TVIs).


Category A, B, C, D Schools in Eastern Region



Eastern Region

Abetifi Presby Senior HighBAbetifi
Abetifi Technical InstituteBAbetifi
Abuakwa State CollegeBKibi
Aburi Girls Senior HighAAburi
Achiase Senior HighBAchiase
Adeiso Presby Senior HighCAdeiso
Adjena Senior High TechnicalCAdjena
Adonten Senior HighBAburi
Akim Asafo Senior HighCAkim Asafo
Akim State CollegeFAkim Oda
Akim Swedru Senior HighCAkim Swedru
Akokoaso Senior High TechnicalCAkim Akokoaso
Akosombo International SchoolFAkosombo
Akosombo Technical Vocational SchoolG
Akro Senior High TechnicalCOdumase
Akroso Senior High TechnicalCAkroso
Akuse Methodist Senior High TechnicalCAkuse
Akwamuman Senior HighBAtimpoku – Akosombo
Akwatia Technical InstituteAAkwatia
Amankwakrom Fisheries and Agricultural Technical InstituteBAmankwakrom
Anum Apapam Community DayCAnum Apapam
Anum Presby Senior HighCAnum
Apedwa Presby Senior HighCApedwa
Apeguso Senior HighCApeguso
Aperade Senior High TechnicalBAkim Aperade
Asamankese Senior HighBAsamankese
Asamankese Women’s Vocational Training Sch.G
Asesewa Senior HighCAsesewa
Asuom Senior HighCAsuom
Attafuah Senior High TechnicalBAkim Oda
Atweaman Senior HighCAkim Manso
Ayirebi Senior HighCAyirebi
Begoro Presby Women’s VocationalG
Benkum Senior HighBLarteh – Akwapim
Bepong Senior High SchoolCBepong
Boso Senior High TechnicalCBoso
Bright Senior HighFKukurantumi Akyem
Christ Senior High SchoolFAdukrom, Resettlement
Diaspora Girls Senior HighCObodan-Nsawam
Donkorkrom Agric Senior HighCDonkorkrom
Fodoa Community Senior HighCFodoa Nkawkaw
Ghana Senior High, KoforiduaAKoforidua
Greater Manchester Educational InstituteFBegoro
Hark Mount Sinai Senior HighCAkropong
Islamic Girls Senior High, SuhumBKorase-Suhum
J.G. Knol Vocational and Technical InstitituteCAdukrom Akwapim
Kade Senior High TechnicalBKade
Kibi Community Development Technical InstituteG
Kibi Senior High TechnicalBKibi
Klo-Agogo Senior HighCKlo-Agogo
Koforidua Gratis CentreG
Koforidua Senior High TechnicalAKoforidua
Koforidua Technical InstituteAKoforidua
Kpong Community Development Vocational Technical Institute,G
Kraboa-Coaltar Presby Senior High TechnicalCKraboa-Coaltar
Krobo Girls Senior HighAOdumase
Kwabeng Anglican Senior High TechnicalBKwabeng
Kwahu Ridge Senior HighBObo-Kwahu
Kwahu Tafo Senior HighBKwahu Tafo
Kwaobaah Nyanoa Community Senior HighCNyanoa
Learning Field Senior HighFPowum, Akosombo
Legacy Girls CollegeFAkuse
Liberty S pecialist InstituteG
Liberty Senior HighFKoforidua
Maame Krobo Community Senior HighCMaame Krobo
Mampong Akwapim Senior High Technical for the DeafCMampong
Mangoase Senior HighCMangoase
Manya Krobo Senior HighBNew Nuaso
Mem-Chemfre Community Senior HighCMem-Chemfre
Methodist Girls Senior High, MamfeBMamfe
Modern Business CollegeFAyekotse, Suhum Urban Council
Mpraeso Senior HighBMpraeso
New Abirem/Afosu Senior HighCNew Abirem
New Juaben College Of CommerceFKoforidua
New Juaben Senior HighBKoforidua
New Nsutam Senior High TechnicalCNew Nsutam
Nifa Senior HighBAdukrom
Nkawkaw Senior HighBNkawkaw
Nkwatia Presby Senior HighBNkwatia
Normal Technical Training CentreG
Nsawam Senior HighCNsawam
Oda Senior HighBAkim Oda
Ofori Panin Senior HighAKukurantumi
Okuapeman Senior HighAAkropong
Osino Presby Senior High TechnicalCOsino
Oti Boateng Senior HighBAda/Koforidua
Oyoko Methodist Senior HighBOyoko
Pentecost Senior High, KoforiduaBKoforidua
Placid Senior HighFKukurantumi
Pope John Senior High And Minor Seminary, KoforiduaAKoforidua
Presby Senior High Technical, AburiCAburi
Presby Senior High Technical, AdukromCAdukrom
Presby Senior High Technical, LartehCLarteh – Kubease
Presby Senior High, BegoroBBegoro
Presby Senior High, Mampong-AkwapimCMampong-Akwapim
Presby Senior High, SuhumCSuhum
Prince Boateng Memorial Senior HighFNsawam
Prince Boateng Memorial VocationalG
S.D.A Senior High, KoforiduaBAsokore – Koforidua
S.D.A. Senior High, Akim SekyereCAkim Sekyere
Salvation Army Senior High, Akim WenchiCAkim Wenchi
Saviour Senior High, OsiemBOsiem
Shepherd International AcademyG
Somanya Senior High TechnicalFAkim Oda
Somanya Technical InistituteG
St. Andrews Technical InstituteG
St. Anne Vocational InstituteG
St. Anthony Senior HighFKukurantumi
St. Dominic Senior High Technical, PepeaseBPepease
St. Fidelis Senior High TechnicalCTease
St. Francis Senior High Technical, Akim OdaBAkim Oda
St. Joseph’s Technical Institute, KwahuBKwahuTafo
St. Martin’s Senior High, NsawamBNsawam
St. Mary’s Vocational and Technical InstituteCAdiembra
St. Michael’s Senior High, Akoase – NkawkawBAkoase, Nkawkaw
St. Paul’s Senior High, Asakraka KwahuCAsakraka-Kwahu
St. Paul’s Technical InstituteAKukurantumi
St. Peter’s Senior High, NkwatiaANkwatia
St. Rose’s Senior High, AkwatiaAAkwatia
St. Stephen’s Presby Senior High Technical, AsiakwaCAsiakwa
St. Thomas Senior High TechnicalCAsamankese
Standard Senior HighFKukuruntumi
Suhum Community Development Vocational InstituteG
Suhum Senior High TechnicalBSuhum
Tarkrosi Community Senior HighCTarkrosi
Teachers’ Senior HighFOsenase
W.B.M. Zion Senior HighBOld Tafo
Winners Senior HighFNkwakwa
Yilo Krobo Senior HighCSomanya
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How to Check SHS School Placement On Phone Online

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