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Category C Schools In Ghana

Here are the Category C Schools In Ghana for the BECE SHS CSSPS School Placement





About Category C Schools In Ghana

The Category C Schools In Ghana is used by the Ghana Education Service (G.E.S) to place students transiting from the Junior High Schools (JHS) into Senior High Schools (SHS), Senior High Technical Schools (SHTS) and Technical/ Vocational Institutes (TVIs).


Category C Schools In Ghana

Category C Schools



Abakrampa Senior High TechnicalMixedAbakrampa
Abeadze State CollegeMixedAbeadze Domeabra
Abeaseman Community Day Senior HighMixedAbease
Abor Senior HighMixedAbor
Aburaman Senior HighMixedAbura Dunkwa
Accra Wesley Girls HighGirlsKaneshie
Achinakrom Senior HighMixedAchinakrom
Ada Senior High TechnicalMixedSege
Adaklu Senior HighMixedAdaklu
Adanwomase Senior HighMixedAdanwomase
Adeiso Presby Senior HighMixedAdeiso
Adidome Senior HighMixedAdidome
Adjen Kotoku Senior HighMixedAdjen Kotoku
Adjena Senior High TechnicalMixedAdjena
Adjoafua Community Senior HighMixedAdjoafua
Adobewora Community Senior HighMixedAdobewora
Adu Gyamfi Senior HighMixedJamasi
Adugyama Community Senior HighMixedAdugyama
Adventist Girls Senior High, NtonsoGirlsNtonso
Afadjato Senior High TechnicalMixedGbledi-Gbogame
Afife Senior High TechnicalMixedAfife
Afigyaman Senior High SchoolMixedKyekyewere
Agogo State CollegeMixedAgogo
Agona Fankobaa Senior HighMixedAgona Fankobaa
Agona Namanwora Community Senior HighMixedAgona Namonwora
Agotime Senior HighMixedKpetoe
Agric Nzema Senior High, KumasiMixedKumasi, Agric Nzema
Ahamansu Islamic Senior HighMixedAhamansu
Akatsi Senior High TechnicalMixedAkatsi
Akim Asafo Senior HighMixedAkim Asafo
Akim Swedru Senior HighMixedAkim Swedru
Akokoaso Senior High TechnicalMixedAkim Akokoaso
Akome Senior High TechnicalMixedAkome
Akpafu Senior High TechnicalMixedAkpafu
Akro Senior High TechnicalMixedOdumase
Akroso Senior High TechnicalMixedAkroso
Akumadan Senior HighMixedAkumadan
Akuse Methodist Senior High TechnicalMixedAkuse
Akwesi Awobaa Senior High TechnicalMixedAnyinasu
Alavanyo Senior High TechnicalMixedAlavanyo-Kpeme
Amaniampong Senior HighMixedMampong
Amasaman Senior High TechnicalMixedAmasaman
Amedzofe Technical InstituteMixedAmedzofe
Anbariya Senior HighMixedTamale
Anfoega Senior HighMixedAnfoega
Anlo Afiadenyigba Senior HighMixedAnlo Afiadenyigba
Anlo Awomefia Senior HighMixedAnyako
Annor Adjaye Senior HighMixedEzilibo
Antoa Senior HighMixedAntoa
Anum Apapam Community DayMixedAnum Apapam
Anum Presby Senior HighMixedAnum
Apedwa Presby Senior HighMixedApedwa
Apeguso Senior HighMixedApeguso
Asankrangwa Senior HighMixedAsankrangwa
Asankrangwa Senior High TechnicalMixedAsankrangwa
Asesewa Senior HighMixedAsesewa
Ashaiman Technical and Vocational InstituteMixedAshiaman
Ashiaman Senior HighMixedAshiaman
Assin Manso Senior HighMixedAssin Manso
Assin North Senior High TechnicalMixedAssin Asempaneye
Assin Nsuta Agricultural Senior HighMixedAssin Nsuta
Assin State CollegeMixedAssin Bereku
Asukawkaw Senior HighMixedAsukawkaw
Asuom Senior HighMixedAsuom
Asuoso Community Senior HighMixedAsuoso
Atebubu Senior HighMixedAtebubu
Atiavi Senior High TechnicalMixedAtiavi
Atweaman Senior HighMixedAkim Manso
Atwima Kwanwoma Senior High TechnicalMixedTrede
Avatime Senior HighMixedVane
Ave Senior HighMixedAve-Dakpa
Avenor Senior HighMixedAvenorkpeme
Aveyime Battor Senior High TechnicalMixedAveyime – Battor
Awe Senior High TechnicalMixedNavrongo
Axim Girls Senior HighGirlsAxim
Ayanfuri Senior HighMixedAyanfuri
Ayirebi Senior HighMixedAyirebi
Azeem-Namoa Senior High TechnicalMixedNamoa
Bamboi Community Senior HighMixedBamboi
Banka Community Senior HighMixedBanka
Barekese Senior HighMixedBarekese
Battor Senior HighMixedBattor
Bawjiase Community Senior HighMixedBawjiase
Bawku Senior High TechnicalMixedBawku
Bechem Presby Senior HighMixedBechem
Bepong Senior High SchoolMixedBepong
Biakoye Girls Senior HighGirlsWurupong
Bibiani Senior High TechnicalMixedBibiani
Bimbilla Senior HighMixedBimbilla
Binduri Community Senior HighMixedBinduri
Birifoh Senior HighMixedLawra
Bisease Senior High CommercialMixedBisease
Bodomase Senior High TechnicalMixedBodomase
Bodwesango Senior HighMixedBodwesango
Bole Senior HighMixedBole
Bolga Sherigu Community Senior HighMixedBolga
Bongo Senior HighMixedBongo
Bontrase Senior High TechnicalMixedBontrase
Bonwire Senior High TechnicalMixedBonwire
Bonzo-Kaku Senior HighMixedAwiebo
Boso Senior High TechnicalMixedBoso
Bosomtwe Oyoko Community Senior HighMixedBosomtwe Oyoko
Bowiri Community Day SchoolMixedBowiri
Brakwa Senior High TechnicalMixedBrakwa
Buipe Senior HighMixedBuipe
Buipe Technical and Vocational InstituteMixedBuipe
Bunkpurugu Senior High TechnicalMixedBunkrupgu
Business Senior High, TamaleMixedTamale
Busunya Senior HighMixedBusunya
C.Y.O. Vocational and Technical InstituteMixedSovie
Chereponi Senior High TechnicalMixedChereponi
Chiana Senior HighMixedChiana
Chiraa Senior HighMixedChiraa
Chirano Community Day SchoolMixedChirano
Christian Methodist Senior HighMixedAplaku (Weija)
Church of Christ Senior High, AdadientamMixedAdadientam
College of Music Senior High, MozanoMixedMozano
Dabala Senior High TechnicalMixedDabala
Daboya Community Day SchoolMixedDaboya
Dadease Agric Senior HighMixedDadease
Daffiama Senior HighMixedDaffiamah
Dagbon State Senior High TechnicalMixedYendi
Damongo Senior HighMixedDamongo
Diabene Senior High TechnicalMixedDiabene
Diaspora Girls Senior HighGirlsObodan-Nsawam
Dodi-Papase Senior High TechnicalMixedDodi-Papase
Donkorkrom Agric Senior HighMixedDonkorkrom
Dorfor Senior HighMixedJuapong
Dr. Hilla Limann Senior HighMixedGwollu
Duadaso No. 1 Senior High TechnicalMixedDuadaso
Dunkwa Senior High TechnicalMixedDunkwa-on-Offin
Dzodze Penyi Senior HighMixedDzodze
Dzolo Senior HighMixedDzolo
E.P. Technical/Vocational InstituteMixedAlavanyo
Ebenezer Senior HighMixedDansoman
Effiduase Senior High CommercialMixedEffiduase
Effiduase Senior High TechnicalMixedEffiduase
Effutu Senior High TechnicalMixedCape Coast
Eguafo-Abrem Senior HighMixedEguafo-Abirem
Ejisu Senior High TechnicalMixedEjisu
Ejisuman Senior HighMixedEjisu
Ejuraman Anglican Senior HighMixedEjura
Enyan Denkyira Senior High TechnicalMixedDenkyira
Enyan Maim Community Day SchoolMixedMando
Eremon Senior High TechnicalMixedEremon
Esaase Bontefufuo Senior High Technical MixedEsaase Bontefufuo
Father Dogli Memorial Vocational Technical InstituteMixedNew Ayoma
Fettehman Senior HighMixedGomoa Fetteh
Fiaseman Senior HighMixedBankyim Tarkwa
Fodoa Community Senior HighMixedFodoa Nkawkaw
Forces Senior High Technical, Burma CampMixedBurma Camp
Frafraha Community Senior HighMixedFrafraha
Fumbisi Senior HighMixedFumbisi
Funsi Senior HighMixedFunsi
Gambaga Girls Senior HighGirlsGambaga
Gambigo Community Day Senior HighMixedGambigo
Garu Community Day Senior HighMixedGaru
Gomoa Gyaman Senior HighMixedGomoa Gyaman
Gomoa Senior High TechnicalMixedDawurampon
Gowrie Senior High TechnicalMixedGowrie
Gushegu Senior HighMixedGushegu
Gwiraman Community Senior HighMixedBamianko
Gyaama Pensan Senior High TechnicalMixedAboasoASHANTI
Gyaase Community Senior HighMixedAssin- Akonfudi
Gyarko Community Day Senior HighMixedTechmian
Hark Mount Sinai Senior HighMixedAkropong
Hohoe E.P. Senior HighMixedHohoe
Holy Family Senior HighMixedHamile
Holy Trinity Senior HighMixedHigh Street-Accra
Huni Valley Senior HighMixedHuni Valley
Islamic Senior High, WaMixedWa
J.E.A. Mills Senior HighMixedOtuam
J.G. Knol Vocational and Technical InsMixedAdukrom Akwapim
Jacobu Senior High Technical.MixedJacobu
Jamiat Al-Hidaya Islamic Girls Senior HighGirlsWa
Janga Senior High TechnicalMixedJanga
Jim Bourton Memorial Agricuture Senior HighMixedLogba Adzokoe
Jirapa Senior HighMixedJirapa-Town
Juaboso Senior HighMixedJuabeso
Juaso Senior High TechnicalMixedJuaso
Jukwa Senior HighMixedJukwa
Kadjebi-Asato Senior HighMixedKadjebi-Asato
Kajaji Senior HighMixedKajaji
Kaleo Senior High TechnicalMixedKaleo
Kaneshie Senior High TechnicalMixedKaneshie
Kanjaga Community Senior HighMixedKanjaga
Karaga Senior HighMixedKaraga
Kesse Basahyia Senior HighMixedTechiman Oforikrom
Keta Business Senior HighMixedKeta
Kete Krachi Senior High TechnicalMixedKete-Krachi
Kinbu Senior High TechnicalMixedTudu – Accra
Kintampo Senior HighMixedKintampo
Klikor Senior High TechnicalMixedKlikor
Klo-Agogo Senior HighMixedKlo-Agogo
Ko Senior HighMixedKo-Nandom
Koase Senior High TechnicalMixedKoase/Wenchi
Kofi Adjei Senior High TechnicalMixedBampenase
Komenda Senior High TechnicalMixedKomenda
Kongo Senior HighMixedKongo
Kpandai Senior HighMixedKpandai
Kpassa Senior High TechnicalMixedKpassa
Kpedze Senior HighMixedKpedze
Kpeve Senior HighMixedKpeve
Kpone Community Senior HighMixedKatamanso
Kraboa-Coaltar Presby Senior High TechnicalMixedKraboa-Coaltar
Krachi Senior HighBoysKete-Krachi
Krobo Community Senior HighMixedKrobo
Kukuom Agric Senior HighMixedKukuom
Kumasi Senior High TechnicalMixedPatasiKumasi
Kumbungu Senior HighMixedKumbungu
Kusanaba Senior HighMixedKusanaba
Kwabenya Community Senior HighMixedKwabenya
Kwame Danso Senior High TechnicalMixedKwame Danso
Kwanwoma Senior High TechnicalMixedAdum Kwanwoma
Kwanyako Senior HighMixedKwanyako
Kwaobaah Nyanoa Community Senior HighMixedNyanoa
Kwarteng Ankomah Senior HighMixedTanoso-Techmian
Kwegyir Aggrey Senior HighMixedAnomabo
Kyabobo Girls Senior HighGirlsNkwanta
La Presby Senior HighMixedLa Emmaus
Lambussie Community Senior HighMixedLambussie
Leklebi Senior HighMixedLeklebi
Likpe Senior HighMixedLikpe-Mate
Loggu Community Day Senior HighMixedLoggu
Maame Krobo Community Senior HighMixedMaame Krobo
Mampong Akwapim Senior High Technical for the DeafMixedMampong
Mando Senior High TechnicalMixedMando
Mangoase Senior HighMixedMangoase
Mankessim Senior High TechnicalMixedMankessim
Mankranso Senior HighMixedMankranso
Manso-Adubia Senior HighMixedAdubia
Manso-Amenfi Community Day Senior HighMixedManso-Amenfi
Mansoman Senior HighMixedManso Atwere
Mem-Chemfre Community Senior HighMixedMem-Chemfre
Mepe St. Kizito Senior High TechnicalMixedMepe
Methodist Senior High Technical, BiadanMixedBiadan
Methodist Senior High, SekondiMixedSekondi
Methodist Technincal InstituteMixedKumasi Metro
Mirigu Community Day Senior HighMixedMirigu
Moree Community Senior HighMixedMoree
Mpaha Community Day Senior HighMixed
Mpohor Senior HighMixedMpohor
Nabango Senior HighMixedNabango
Nakpanduri Senior HighMixedNakpanduri
Nalerigu Senior HighMixedNalerigu
Namong Senior High TechnicalMixedNamong
Nana Brentu Senior High TechnicalMixedEnchi
Nchumuruman Community Day Senior HighMixedChinderi
Ndewura Jakpa Senior High TechnicalMixedDamongo
New Abirem/Afosu Senior HighMixedNew Abirem
New Nsutam Senior High TechnicalMixedNew Nsutam
Ngleshie Amanfro Senior HighMixedNgleshie Amanfro
Nkawie Senior High TechnicalMixedNkawie
Nkenkansu Community Senior HighMixedNkenkansu
Nkonya Senior HighMixedNkonya – Ahenkro
Nkroful Agriculture Senior HighMixedNkroful
Nkwanta Community Senior HighMixedNkwanta
Nkwanta Senior HighMixedNkwanta
Nkyeraa Senior HighMixedNchiraa
Northern School of BusinessMixedTamale
Northern Star Senior HighMixedMangu, Wa
Nsawam Senior HighMixedNsawam
Nsawora Edumafa Community Senior HighMixedNsawora Edumafa
Ntruboman Senior HighMixedBrewaniase
Nyankumase Ahenkro Senior HighMixedNyankumase Ahenkro
Nyinahin Catholic Senior HighMixedNyinahin
O’Reilly Senior HighMixedOkpoi Gomme
Obiri Yeboah Senior High TechnicalMixedAssin Fosu
Obrachire Senior High TechnicalMixedObrakyere
Obuasi Senior High TechnicalMixedObuasi
Odoben Senior HighMixedOdoben
Odupong Community Day SchoolMixedOdupong-Kasoa
Ofoase Senior High TechnicalMixedOfoase
Oguaa Senior High TechnicalMixedCape Coast
Okomfo Anokye Senior HighMixedWiamoase
Onwe Senior HighMixedOnwe – Ashanti
Opoku Agyeman Senior High TechnicalMixedApaah
Osei Adutwum Senior HighMixedJachie
Osino Presby Senior High TechnicalMixedOsino
Osudoku Senior High TechnicalMixedAsutsuare
Oti Senior High TechnicalMixedDambai
Our Lady of Lourdes Girls’ Senior HighGirlsNavrongo
Owerriman Senior HighMixedDomeabra
Paga Senior HighMixedPaga
Parkoso Community Senior HighMixedParkoso
Peki Senior High TechnicalMixedPeki
Pentecost Senior High, KumasiMixedBreman West, Kumasi
Piina Senior HighMixedPiina
Pong-Tamale Senior HighMixedPong-Tamale
Presby Senior High Technical, AburiMixedAburi
Presby Senior High Technical, AdukromMixedAdukrom
Presby Senior High Technical, KwamangMixedKwamang
Presby Senior High Technical, LartehMixedLarteh – Kubease
Presby Senior High, Wiafe AkentenMixedAfrancho
Presby Senior High, Mampong-AkwapimMixedMampong-Akwapim
Presby Senior High, OsuMixedOsu
Presby Senior High, SuhumMixedSuhum
Presby Senior High, TamaleMixedTamale
Presby Senior High, TemaMixedTema
Presby Senior High, TeshieMixedTeshie
Prestea Senior High TechnicalMixedPrestea
Prince of Peace GirlsGirlsSouth Suntreso
Queens Girls’Senior High, Sefwi AwhiasoGirlsSefwi Awhiaso
S.D.A. Senior High, Akim SekyereMixedAkim Sekyere
Saboba E.P. Senior HighMixedSaboba
Sabronum Methodist Senior High TechnicalMixedSabronum Habitat
Salaga Senior HighMixedSalaga
Salvation Army Senior High, Aboabo DormaaMixedAboabo Dormaa
Salvation Army Senior High, Akim WenchiMixedAkim Wenchi
Sandema Senior HighMixedSandema
Sandema Senior High TechnicalMixedBilinsa/Sandema
Sang Community Day SchoolMixedSang
Sankor Community Day SchoolMixedSankor
Sankore Senior HighMixedSankore
Savelugu Senior HighMixedSavelugu
Sawla Senior HighMixedSawla
Senya Senior HighMixedSenya
Shia Senior High TechnicalMixedShia
Simms Senior High Community.MixedFawoade
Sirigu Senior HighMixedSirigu
Sokode Senior High TechnicalMixedSokode
Some Senior HighMixedAgbozume
St. Anthony of Padua Senior High TechnicalMixedBamboi
St. Augustine Senior High Technical, Saan CharikpongMixedSaan Charikpong
St. Augustine Senior High, Nsapor-BerekumMixedNsapor-Berekum
St. Augustine’s Senior High, BogosoMixedBogoso
St. Bernadettes Technical and VocationalMixedNavrongo
St. Catherine Girls Senior HighGirlsAgbakope
St. Daniel Comboni Technical and Vocational InstituteMixedLiati
St. Fidelis Senior High TechnicalMixedTease
St. George’s Senior High TechnicalMixedKuntanase
St. John’s Integrated Senior High TechnicalMixedTono
St. Joseph Seminary Senior High, MampongMixedMampong
St. Mary’s Vocational and Technical InstituteGilrsAdiembra
St. Michael Technical and Vocational InstituteMixedPramso
St. Paul’s Senior High, Asakraka KwahuMixedAsakraka-Kwahu
St. Paul’s Senior High, DenuBoysHatsukope/Denu
St. Sebastian Catholic Senior HighMixedAdumasa
St. Stephen’s Presby Senior High Technical, AsiakwaMixedAsiakwa
St. Thomas Senior High TechnicalMixedAsamankese
St.John’s Vocational and Technical InstituteMixedNandom
Swedru School Of BusinessMixedSwedru
T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High, PotsinMixedPotsin
T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High, SalagaMixedSalaga
Takoradi Senior HighMixedTanokrom
Takpo Senior HighMixedTakpo
Tamale Islamic Science Senior HighMixedTamale
Tamale TechnicalMixedTamale
Tapaman Senior High TechnicalMixedTapa – Amanfrom
Tarkrosi Community Senior HighMixedTarkrosi
Tatale E.P. Agricultural Senior High TechnicalMixedTatale
Taviefe Community Senior HighMixedTaviefe
Tema Manhean Senior High TechnicalMixedTema New Town
Tema Methodist Day Senior HighMixedTema Community 2
Tempane Senior HighMixedTempane
Terchire Senior HighMixedTerchire
Teshie Technical InstittuteMixedTeshie
Three Town Senior HighMixedDenu
Tijjaniya Senior HighMixedAsokore
Tolon Senior HighMixedTolon
Tsiame Senior HighMixedTsiame
Tsito Senior High TechnicalMixedTsito
Tumu Senior High TechnicalMixedTumu
Tuna Senior High TechnicalMixedTuna
Tweapease Senior High SchoolMixedTweapease
Ullo Senior HighMixedUllo
Uthman Bin Affan Senior HighMixedKamgbunli
Uthmaniya Senior HighMixedTafo
Vakpo Senior HighMixedVakpo
Vakpo Senior High TechnicalMixedVakpo
Ve Community Senior HighMixedVe-Koloenu
Vitting Senior High TechnicalMixedTamale
Volo Community Senior HighMixedVolo
Volta Senior HighMixedDzita-Agbledomi
Volta Tech InstituteMixedMatse
Wa Senior High TechnicalMixedWa
Walewale Senior HighMixedWalewale
Walewale Technical and Vocational InstituteMixedWalewale
Wapuli Community Senior HighMixedWapuli
Wesley High School, BekwaiMixedBekwai
Weta Senior High TechnicalMixedWeta
Worawora Senior HighMixedWorawora
Wovenu Senior High TechnicalMixedTadzewu
Wulensi Senior HighMixedWulensi
Wulugu Senior HighMixedWulugu
Yabram Community Day SchoolMixedDambai
Yagaba Senior High SchoolMixedYagaba
Yeji Senior High TechnicalMixedYeji
Yilo Krobo Senior HighMixedSomanya
Zabzugu Senior HighMixedZabzugu
Zamse Senior High TechnicalMixedBolgatanga
Zion Senior HighMixedAnloga
Ziope Senior HighMixedZiope
Zorkor Senior HighMixedZorkor
Zuarungu Senior HighMixedZuarungu
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  • Category C Schools In Ghana 2021/2022/2023/2024
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