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COLA For Teachers

Here is all about the COLA For Teachers. Below is a detailed explanation of the COLA For Teachers, Its implementation and payment details.


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What Is COLA For Teachers

  • Cost of Living Allowance abbreviated as COLA For Teachers, is an allowance given to government employees as short-term relief when immediate salary increment cannot be made.
  • Due to this the payment of COLA For Teachers, stops as soon as salary is increased.
  • Due to to the economic pressure on government, it would not be able to increase salaries by the 20% being demanded by teachers. As a smart move, the teacher unions are demanding it as a COLA For Teachers instead.
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Payment Of COLA For Teachers

  • It is easier to convince government to pay a 20% COLA For Teachers than a 20% salary because the Cost of Living Allowance is temporal and may be scraped as soon as there is any increment in salary.
  • Also the COLA For Teachers will not be affected incase International Monetary Fund (IMF) lays embargo on public sector salary increment as a condition.


About COLA For Teachers

  • This is not the first time COLA For Teachers is being demanded or to be paid to workers. Previous governments paid COLA for up to three years without salary increment and was removed as soon as a salary was increased
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