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Comparing G-Money With Mobile Money In Ghana; Who Wins?

Since the introduction of G-Money, the debate on which one is better between G-Money and Mobile Money Service always pops up.

Clearly, the G-Money is also part of the Mobile Money services and so it works with the same technique as the mobile money. Yet there are one or two differences between the two e-wallets.

With this article, we are going to try comparing these two e-wallets to find out which one is higher than the other in terms of importance.





In terms of registration, the Mobile Money service requires you to dial the shortcode on your phone and follow the prompts to register. Meaning, you can get registered from anywhere at anytime once you have your phone.

G-Money in a different way, requires you (customers) to go to GCB branches or G-Money agents with a national ID card and your phone number to register. This implies that without having to visit the bank or any of their agents, you will not be rendered this service.

This therefore means that Mobile Money services render more convenience.



With this feature, the Mobile Money service is sponsored by the various telecommunication networks in Ghana whiles the G-Money is backed by the Ghana Commercial Bank (a government-owned bank)

This simply implies that, in terms of security among these two e-wallets, G-Money has the upper hand over the Mobile Money wallets.


Sending Money

With this property about these two e-wallets, both Mobile Money and G-Money can be accredited to the same points.

This means that both of these e-wallets can be leveled the same. Transactions (especially sending of money) can be performed to any network or bank with any of these e-wallets platforms.

Sending money to individuals who do not have accounts with either platform through payment vouchers is also possible.


Who Can Use The Platform?

Concerning who can use any of these platforms, anyone with a registered SIM Card can use any of them irrespective of their age, gender or orientation.

Therefore regarding this service, both of them are the same.

Number of Persons Per Account

Well, with this feature, there is a wide difference. The mobile money platform only allows one person to one account. This means that accounts on the mobile money platform cannot be shared unless of course the owner shares his/her PIN to a different person, thereby giving access to the account by another person. Yet the main objective behind the mobile money platform is one person per account.

As compared to G-Money, G-Money provides services such as Group accounts where a user can add from 3-200 members to an account to enable sharing and performing other activities with the account.

This service allows people who look forward to saving money together for a particular purpose, do that without any complications. Regarding this, there is always one person as the Administrator and another person as the Financial Secretary.

It is therefore obvious that concerning this feature, G-Money has the upper hand over Mobile Money.



Though both the Mobile Money platform and the G-Money platforms are good initiatives that are shaping the Ghanaian economy towards making it a cashless economy, we believe that based on the comparisons above, the G-Money has won this argument hands down.

This debate may, however, be looked at from different angles, which may as well provide other results. You can share with us what you think about the debate and any opposing views you have regarding our judgement. We would love to read from you.


  1. Sending money from G-money account to another G-money account requires no fees regardless of the amount. Same cannot be said about the mobile money especially MTN.

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