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CSSPS SHS School Placement Checker

The Computer Selection and School Placement System (CSSPS) for the next academic year has been released to enable all qualified BECE candidates to access Senior High Schools, Technical /Vocational) Institutions in Ghana.

The SHS School placement has been released, you can follow procedures in this post to get buy a CSSPS SHS School Placement Checker.

If you missed out on the placement to SHS on the CSSPS platform you can do self-placement after verifying that you were not placed in any of your choices.




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How To Buy School Placement Checker With Mobile Money Short Code

This helps avoid queues at post offices as well as fraudsters who may end up selling fake placement checkers to the general public. Mobile money platforms such as MTN, Glo, Airtel, Vodafone and Glo supports this service

How To Buy School Placement Checker With Momo

Step 1

Dial the short code *447*160#

Step 2

Enter option 2 (Forms and E-Vouchers)

Step 3

Select Option 3 (CSSPS)

Step 4

Choose the 1st Option (PLACEMENT CHECKER)

Step 5

Select 1 to continue with the buying process

Step 6

Enter your name. For example, “Kwame Ansah” to continue to the next stage.

Step 7

Choose option 1 to confirm payment for the school placement checker card

Step 8

After confirming your payment, the payment authorization prompt will pop up on your screen. It indicates the amount you are supposed to pay to the ONEWALLET Account.

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Step 9

Enter your secrete 4 digit MOMO password to complete the payment process.

Step 10

Wait for the SMS which comes with your 2020 School placement checker card details

Step 11

The details to look out for in the test message include the placement Voucher Code

Step 12

These numbers are the ones you key into the CSSPS along with your index number before you can access your school placement status.


How To Buy Placement Checker Online On Phone

Note: use the step above as the step below has challenges. it may not provide you with the code instantly

  1. First Dial mobile money short code (*170#)
  2. Then Select Momo pay & pay bill
  3. Then Select Pay bill
  4. Then Select General payment
  5. Answer the prompts as indicated
  6. Payment Code: monicliq
  7. Amount: 7GHC
  8. Reference: SHS


How To Buy Placement Checker Online On CSSPS Portal

  1. Visit the CSSPS website or


  1. Click on buy e-voucher then enter your index number and click the “Click to Buy Online” button.


  1. You will be prompted to make payment by choosing your mobile wallet and make a payment for your e-voucher.
  2. An e -voucher code will be generated for you with which you can use to check for placement or do the self placement.
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GES Call Center Numbers


How to Check BECE SHS School Placement On Phone Online


SHS Self Placement Guidelines


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  1. I bought one and the code wasn’t sent to me but my money was deducted, i tried different sim and the code came through and that one too is invalid.

  2. Please how do I change the course and school i had if I dont like the course and I didn’t select it but was given to me by the CSSPS

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