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Details: College of Education And Affiliate Universities Tutors Begin Online Education Training With Amsterdam University

A total of 1,842 participants including Tutors from Colleges of Education as well as Staff of the 5 Universities that the 46 Colleges of Education are affiliated to, officials of Transforming Teacher Education and Learning (T-TEL), National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) officials and National Accreditation Board staff have registered with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences for the certificate course in Online Education Training.



Commencement Of The Online Education Training Programme


This commences on Monday 20th April and runs through until Wednesday 29th April 2020. The course is to help ensure that Tutors enhance their skills and expertise to deliver effectively online teaching and learning.



Date And Schedule Of The Online Education Training Programme


As at Friday, 17th April 2020, a total of 19,203 B.Ed. student teachers participated in 617 virtual lessons organized by Tutors in 42 Colleges of Education. This means that 60% of the total registered B.Ed. cohort of 31,924 participated in the online lessons.

In addition, the T-TEL B.Ed. Curriculum Resources Hub is currently active with beta testing which is a soft launch that enables key stakeholders to trial use. Once this is done, the Resources Hub will be launched officially in due time.

The 5 Universities that the 46 public Colleges of Education are affiliated to are also on track to ensure that their virtual learning systems are fully functional and accessible to student teachers in preparation for the start of Second Semester on 27th April 2020.

Early indications are that around 85% of registered student teachers should be able to access these systems. Stakeholders are collaborating to develop measures to extend the reach of these platforms to cover all student teachers.



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