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Details: In Service-Teachers To Pay Ghc 100 For Their License, To Be Deducted From Professional Allowance

In Service-Teachers To Pay Ghc 100 For Their License. The Said Amount To Be Deducted From Their Professional Allowance Of Ghc 1,200. Teachers at the Pre-Tertiary Education level are expected to pay GHC 100 to acquire their licenses.


Teacher Unions in a statement issued on June 7, indicated the Ghc100 was agreed at a stakeholdersā€™ meeting with the Ministry of Education,the Ghana Education Service and the National Teaching Council.

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According to the statement, the Ministry of Finance, Education and the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission as well athe Pre-Tertiary Education Teacher Unions held an earlier meeting to agree on a Professional Development Allowance for Teachers.


The Unions added,that the meeting concluded on a Ghc1200 Professional Development Allowance for Professional Teachers and Ghc600 for Non-Professional Teachers.

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The subsequent meeting with the National Teaching Council (NTC) agreed on a Ghc100 license fee for teachers which should be deducted at source from the annual Professional Development Allowances.


The license is expected to be renewed after every three years.



  1. Please my question is about the renwed of teaching license, In every three years, are we going to rewrite an exam again or not

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