Details: Level 200 College Of Education Trainee Teachers To Write Their End-Of-Semester Exams On Campus

All the level 200 students of teacher training colleges are expected to sit for their End-of-Semester Examination in their various institutions.


The various affiliated Universities, KNUST, UEW, UDS, UG and UCC affiliated Colleges of Education would have to return to campus to take their End-of-Semester Examination.


The Colleges of education had to resort to an online learning system to aid them in covering the Second Semester of the 2019/2020 Academic Year after the COVID 19 pandemic took over the world.

The e-learning even though hectic and comes with a lot of financial hurdles among others, the Colleges of Education had no other alternative than to comply. Trainees across the 46 public Colleges of Education had on several occasions expressed their displeasure on the issue of going back to campus for the End-of-Semester examination.


Regardless of all these, the multi-million question remains ‘’what is The fate of individuals who could not take part in the e-learning due to lack of funds, unavailability of droid phones, and lack of network connectivity among others?”

The source stated clearly that, even though there has not been any said date for the exams. The various universities have come out with how the examination will be conducted.


“No date has been set yet, however, the mode of writing the examination depends on the affiliated University, KNUST, UEW, UDS, and UG affiliated Colleges will write their exams online, UCC  affiliated Colleges will write their exams on the various campuses of the affiliated Colleges. This means that all level 200 students will write their exams in their Colleges’’ the source said.


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