Details: NASPA Organizing Secretary Dismissed For Supporting Personnel Against NSS Secretariate Over GHC50 Cloth Deductions

A group known as the Coalition of Aggrieved National Service Personnel is asking the Kwadaso Municipal Director of the National Service Scheme (NSS), Mr Anthony Marfo to explain why he asked the Kwadaso National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) Organizing Secretary Morgan Ernest Fiko on the 5th of April 2020 to forcefully vacate his democratically-elected office with immediate effect.


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The Statement By The Coalition of Aggrieved National Service Personnel


The Coalition, in a statement released on the 6th of April,2020 accused the Kwadaso Municipal Director of the National Service Scheme (NSS), Mr Anthony Marfo of informing Morgan Ernest Fiko to forcefully vacate his democratically-elected office with immediate effect.


According to the statement, The Kwadaso Organizing Secretary Master Morgan Ernest Fiko on the 5th of April 2020 received a phone call from his Municipal Director in the person of Mr Anthony Marfo asking him to forcefully vacate his democratically-elected office with immediate effect. These were made known with the following statements:

”This came as shock to the organizing Secretary and members of the National Service fraternity within the Municipality.” The Coalition said.

”The ill decision was informed by a stance taken by the victim in defending the interest of personnel in NSS cloth saga an imposition of two pieces cloths leading to the compulsory deduction of GHC 50.00 from personnel March allowance.” They said.

”We would like to unequivocally state that he the Director, is acting in contravention of the NASPA Constitution.”

”There are laid down procedures in the NASPA constitution for the impeachment of any executive member from office.”

”Impeachment can only be accepted after 2/3 of the majority of members cast vote against an executive member. But it’s shameful that Mr Anthony Marfo in agreement with the Ashanti Regional Director Mr Mensah Opoku has decided to use illegal means to get the fellow out of the office for their parochial interest whatsoever.”


Unconstitutionality Of The Decision


The coalition said the decision was unconstitutional, bias, victimization, imperious, fraudulent and barbaric.

”We wish to state that Master Morgan Ernest Fiko as an executive never violated or intend to violet any law but acting to defend the interest and welfare of personnel as stipulated in the NASPA Constitution Article 5 (b).”

”We would like to help Mr Anthony Marfo with the NASPA constitution if he lacks the basics exposing his incompetency to make thorough references and come out clear:”


Impeachment In The NASPA Constitution


Quoting chapter eight article 15 of the NASPA Constitution as follows:

15.1 An officer of the Executive shall be impeached if he acts in contravention of the
constitution or in a way as to bring the name of the Association into disrepute.”

”15.2 Two thirds (2/3rd) majority of members present and voting shall be accepted for his
impeachment at a meeting convened for that purpose.”

”15.3 Upon impeachment, the officer shall be suspended pending further investigation.
15.4 Upon confirmation of his impeachment, the officer shall cease to be a member of the
executive, and shall hand over any document and property of the association in his
possession within forty-eight (48) hours.”

”15.5 The Association, as well as the National Service Secretariat at all levels, shall be notified
immediately in writing.”

”It’s clear that the rules have advertently been violated to victimize the executive member.
In this light, Master Morgan Ernest Fiko remains Kwadaso Municipal Organizing Secretary.”

”All of us are duty-bound to be law-abiding, behave responsibly and sort out problems in a tactful and orderly manner.”

”It is in this fate that we advise Mr Anthony Marfo to follow due process and stop embarrassing himself in the public domain.”

”We are giving Kwadaso District Director a week ultimatum to retract his statement lest legal actions will be taken against him for a breach of the constitution.” the coalition said.



  1. Is not good to deduct 50 for one cloth money.
    They should have discuss this with us before doing that

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