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Details: YEA Allegedly Duped Beneficiaries Of Two Years’ GHC50 Deductions as EXIT FUND

Some former beneficiaries of the Youth Employment Agency’s (YEA) CETA MODULE are accusing the agency of duping them of some GHC50 deductions for two years, which the agency described as an EXIT FUND.


Views Of Victims


Some victims said they were beneficiaries of the Youth Employment Agency, that was ( 2016 -2018) batch Precisely CETA MODULE who were being deducted the said amount and were told shall be given back to them at the end of their service as EXIT FUND.


”They were deducting us Gh50 from our allowance every month which we were told will be given back to us at the end of our service as EXIT FUND.” They said.

Meanwhile, the contract which ended in 2018 saw only a few of the beneficiaries receiving their EXIT FUNDS.

”We ended the contract in October 2018 some were given their EXIT FUND but most of us didn’t get up to date. It’s almost two years now we don’t know what is happening.” They lamented.

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The victims said their district directors made it clear to them that they have done their parts, releasing all necessary documents to the YEA.

They said they were suspicious the Government has released the money a long time but some individuals might be using it for their own businesses.

”My last interaction with the district Director he made it clear that they have done part, all necessary documents have been send and he believes the Government has released the money long time but some individuals are using it for their own business” One beneficiary lamented.

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The beneficiaries are calling on government to as a matter of agency, speak with the YEA leadership to pay their monies as scheduled.



  1. About 70% of CETA beneficiaries did not receive a dim as their EXIT FUND.My four months arrears plus my EXIT FUND have not been paid …I personally know that my God will punish all those who have hands in our money.

  2. Please yea headquarter should try to motivate beneficiary on their exit fun

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