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Message To Distance Education & Diploma Graduates Concerning Recruitment

The Ghana Education Service is mandated to employ graduates who went to the 4-year Colleges of Education but if there is a need for extra staff then distance education graduates will be considered, the Minister for Education has said.

This comment comes after he was asked in an interview with the Cape-Coast-based ATL 100.5 FM concerning when distance education students will be employed by GES.


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Recruitment Of Distance Education & Diploma Graduates

The Ghana Education Service (GES) does not recruit based on the number of university or Colleges of Education graduates in the country but instead is done if there is a need for teachers to be employed.

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The Education Minister stated that the recruitment of distance education graduates this year will solely depend on the financial clearance given to the Ministry of Education (MoE) by the Ministry of Finance.

He made this known with the statement:

The only group of graduates that we got to hire is those who went to the 4-year Colleges of Education, once they are employed if there is a need for extra staff then those who went to do basic education are hired,

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We have so many teachers in the system and we have a deployment challenge, so we cannot hire everybody that has come out of the university, we don’t have classrooms for them,


  1. I am a product of UCC distance, l have all my particulars, NTC certificate, NSS certificate diploma certificate, SSNITT number, Tin number birth certificate etc. Besides, I have work in the private school for 8yrs. Now how can I get the opportunity to work in the GES?

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