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Download GH Covid 19 Tracker App For Ghana And How To Use It –

Here is how to Download GH Covid 19 Tracker App and How to Use The GH Covid 19 Tracker App For Ghana . The Ministry of Communications in partnership with iQuent Technologies and Ascend Digital Solutions has launched the GH COVID-19 Tracker app for download. The GH COVID 19 tracker app is an Android and IOS application meant to track the  COVID-19 infections in Ghana.  The GH Covid 19 App is 25 MB in size available for download and install here.

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About The GH Covid 19 Tracker Application For Ghana


Ghana over the weekend outnumbered the whole of West Africa with half a thousand Coronavirus infections. As such  The Ministry of Communications on Monday, April 13, 2020, launched the GH COVID-19 Tracker. The GH COVID 19 tracker is an application meant to track the  COVID-19 infections in Ghana.  The GH Covid 19 App is 25 MB in size.


The GH Covid 19 app was developed by Ghana’s Ministry of Communications in partnership with iQuent Technologies Ascend Digital Solution. The app is to be available on Google play store and the App Store within the week. It was launched by the vice president of Ghana Dr Bawumia with the statement: “If you look at the current spread of the pandemic, it suggests that the virus has a mind of all. It will, therefore, require innovative ideas such as the application of technology to deal with this fundamental. If Ghana hopes to flatten the curve or to stop the surging numbers of people being infected.”


Uses Of The GH Covid 19 Tracker Application For Ghana


  1. The GH Covid 19 app is to help track telephone numbers that have been in the same event, location or country. The Ghana immigration service will then use this information to determine who to screen.
  2. It is also to be used to track whether individuals who are required to self-quarantine are actually doing that.
  3. The app is to help in contact-tracing,
  4. It is to provide tips on the fight against the pandemic to the Ghanaian populace.
  5. It will also help you to access and self report symptoms of the Coronavirus Disease to the appropriate health authorities for assistance.


For Enquiries And Assistance


If you have any issues downloading the android app, please use the following dedicated numbers 0307007001 or the shortcode  769. Also, you can use the USSD service by dialing *769# and answering the questions asked.



How To Download, Instsall And Use The COVID-19 Tracker App in Ghana


  1. First Visit the official COVID-19 Tracker download website at:
  2. Then click on the Accept the Terms & Conditions on the website
  3. Afterwards  click on the download button to download the 25mb apk file unto your device
  4. After the download, click on the file to install
  5. You may be prompted to allow installation from unknown sources on your device.
  6. Then Allow the installation and wait for the COVID-19 Tracker App
  7. Your app will then be installed
  8. Afterwards click on the GH Covid 19 app to launch it and begin using it


How To Use The COVID-19 Tracker On Non Smartphones


  1. Access the COVID-19 Tracker USSD option for Feature by dialling *769#
  2. Then follow the prompt to access the information



How To Register And Use The GH Covid Tracker App


Here are the steps to follow to register and use the GH COVID 19 tracker app in Ghana:

  1. First Open the app on your phone by clicking on it
  2. The registration process will request for your Mobile Number and email
  3. So Enter your Mobile Number and an active email address
  4. Select the T&C and Privacy Policy.
  5. Then click on the Proceed button.
  6. You will then be presented with a survey to gather information about you.
  7. To conduct the survey Select your age
  8. Then Choose your gender in the next section
  9. Afterwards Select your region from the provided options for all the sixteen (16) regions in Ghana.
  10. Then Answer with Yes or No if you have recently traveled abroad.
  11. Then provide Information about your health by anwering the following questions
  12. Do you smoke? Select Yes or No.
  13. Select Yes or No from the list of diseases listed.
  14. Then Click the Next button
  15. The next section asks you if you have had close contact with someone suspected to have COVID-19 infection.
  16. Select Yes or No as it applies in your case.
  17. The COVID-19 tracker app will then check your symptoms. Select those symptoms that apply to you.
  18. When you are done with the survey, click on Submit.


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