Dr Bawumia launches Job Center To Create Sustainable Employment

The vice president of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has on 2nd October 2019 launched the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) Job Centre and three other initiatives namely: Artisan Directory, Work Abroad Programme and Agriculture-based Flagship Project, to facilitate sustainable employment for both skilled and unskilled Ghanaian youth in the country. And to connect Entrepreneurs, trained artisans and unemployed youth to job opportunities.


The Vice President explained that the Job Center was an online platform accessible through the website (www.yeajobcentre.gov.gh), which would connect job seekers to potential employment providers in the public and private sectors of the economy. The center, he said, would also assist job seekers with career counselling and training services, curriculum vitae preparation, Agency placement and a walk-in hub that will provide other auxiliary services to job seekers. He made it known in his speech that the YEA jobs center is a way of delivering on the promises, the government made to the people of Ghana, in addressing unemployment issues in the country. This he made known with the statement:


“The Jobs Center seeks to functionally align a wide range of publicly and privately listed jobs. Government have initiated this platform to skill and connect the youth to existing, emerging decent jobs. It will also serve as a convener to the state which seeks to increase employment opportunities and growth. In the last two years alone we have recruited and employed 350,000 people in all aspects of the economy.”


The job center portal, according to YEA, will provide two modules which are the online center and the walk-in platform where people can walk in anytime to their offices for assistance on employment related issues.


Dr Bawumia said the Artisan Directory would train and provide start-up tools and capital to artisans, including; beauticians, plumbers, masons, carpenters and fashion designers, and link them up to the market, in order to sell their crafts and services.


He added that concerning the Agriculture-based Flagship, government would support the youth to venture into maize farms, fish farming, smock village, cassava and plantain production, geared towards ensuring sustainable jobs and building a resilient economy.


Concerning the Work Abroad Programme, Dr Bawumia made it known that it would help the nation to export young professionals, including; nurses, teachers and other expertise abroad, which would earn Ghana additional foreign.


He said 10,000 youth are  to be employed in the first year of the programme. He commended the Board and Management of YEA for establishing a maize plantation at Wenchi in the Bono Region and fish farm in the Volta Region towards practicalising the vision.

The vice president went on to highlight some achievements of his government, he stated that the government has recruited and placed thousands of young Ghanaians in the areas of health, education, agriculture extension among other employment sectors since for the past two years.

Dr. Bawumia in his speech indicated the YEA jobs centre is a way of delivering on the promises, the government made to the people of Ghana, in addressing unemployment issues in the country. He urged the youth to take the necessary steps to benefit from its opportunities.


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