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DV Lottery Results Check

Here is the DV Lottery Results Check and how to check your DV Lottery Results. This article guides you through the DV Lottery results checking procedures as well as the DV Lottery selection process.


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  1. DV Lottery Registration Form And Procedures
  2. Solution To All DV Lottery Problems
  3. Countries Qualified for DV Lottery


About The DV Lottery Results

DV Lottery registration are accepted usually for about a month from October to November each year. After the DV Lottery registration, the DV Lottery results are released around May of the next year. Applicants who registered for the DV lottery program the previous year can then check their Entrant Status to know whether or not they’ve been randomly chosen from the entrants from their country for a US Visa.


DV Lottery Results Check

  1. First you have to visit the online portal:
  2. Then navigate to the “DV Entrant Status Check” section of the page
  3. Then Click on the “check status ” button
  4. Afterwards Enter your unique confirmation number, Last Name and Year of Birth. Then Type the Authentication characters and click the “Submit” button to reveal your DV Lottery results
  5. If the DV Lottery results check shows that you have been selected as a DV lottery “winner” you can then confirm your interview date with the immigration visa department.


How to Check DV Visa Lottery Results Online

  1. The process of checking your DV visa lottery result is now fully automated. The DV lottery result checking process is strictly online.
  2. To check your DV lottery results, use the online Entrant Status Check at:


How to Check  DV Lottery Results

  • You will need the confirmation number issued to you when you submitted your lottery entry during the registration period.
  • If you have lost your confirmation number, here is how to retrieve it: Visit the Entrant Status Check website at: and your personal information to retrieve it.
  • Then Enter your unique confirmation number, Last/Family Name and Year of Birth. Then Type the Authentication characters and click the “Submit” button to reveal your DV Lottery results
  • If you are selected in the lottery, you will receive information such as your interview date and how to proceed to apply for a US immigrant visa and Green Card.
  • You will have to prove that you meet the work, education and other requirements to the United States.


DV Lottery Selection Process

  • After the DV lottery registration process ends, A random computer generated lottery draw is generated to select the DV lottery winners of the previous year.
  • The DV lottery “winners” would then have to attend an interview with the immigration visa department for the final selection of applicants.


Things To Note About The DV Lottery Results Check

  • Do not delay in checking your DV Lottery results. This is because, after winning the DV lottery, you will need to act fast in order to get all the necessary information together for the final process of submitting your green card application.
  • Also note that every year there are more DV Lottery “winners” than there are actual visas, so you must act fast to be among those finally selected to receive the Green Card.
  • Beware of Lottery Scam: The ONLY WAY  that to find DV Lottery results is through the Entrant Status Check. The US government will not send you a notification mail. As such ignore any emails notifying you that you have won the DV lottery and asking you to pay a fee for a visa.

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