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DVLA NSS Registration Portal

Here is the DVLA NSS Registration Portal and how to complete your NSS Registration on the DVLA NSS Registration Portal. The DVLA NSS Registration Portal is a convenient and faster way to submit your details to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority as an NSS personnel.

The DVLA NSS Cloud Web Portal allows NSS Personnel to Login and complete their NSS registration with the DVLA as a user agency by providing their details and required documents.


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About DVLA NSS Registration Portal

  • The DVLA NSS Registration Portal was launched to provide convenient registration of NSS Personnel posted to the DVLA.
  • The DVLA NSS Registration Portal automates the registration process which involves submission of appointment letters to the DVLA.
  • NSS Personnel no longer need to travel to the offices of the DVLA to complete their NSS posting process, this can now be done online at home.


DVLA NSS Registration Portal

To access the DVLA NSS Registration Portal and complete your NSS registration:

  1. First visit the DVLA NSS Registration Portal at: www.nss.dvla.cloud
  2. The first step of the registration process is to create an account by providing your email address and password then click on continue on the account creation page
  3. The second step is to provide your BIO Data (personal details) such as your first name, middle name, phone number, gender and click continue
  4. The third step is to verify your phone number by entering a code sent toy= your phone number by sms
  5. The fourth step is to enter your NSS details such as your NSS Pin, the school you attended, your course of study, the dvla branch you were posted to
  6. Afterwards upload a picture and NSS appointment letter


DVLA NSS Registration Portal Dashboard

  • After a successful registration on the DVLA NSS Registration Portal as stated above, you will be redirected to the DVLA NSS Dashboard,
  • If you are not automatically redirected, click on the “Go To Dashboard” to go to the DVLA NSS Registration Portal Dashboard.
  • On the DVLA NSS Dashboard you can access the options to download your DVLA appointment letter, DVLA Application form, Reposting form etc


DVLA NSS Registration Portal Guide – How To Register


  1. Please I was rejected at the place they posted me. Is there any vacancy for new personnel?
    I really want to work with the DVLA

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