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eLC UGA Login

Here is the eLC UGA Login for the current academic year.

This article guides you on how to access the ELC UGA Login Portal, in order to access student services such as UGA course registration, UGA Grades for fresh students and all other student information on the ELC UGA Portal.


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  • UGA stands for University Of Georgia while eLC stands for eLearning Commons. UGA eLC therefore stands for eLearning Commons at University of Georgia. UGA eLC is an online learning management system for both instructors and students of University Of Georgia.
  • eLC UGA is a online learning management system that allows students and instructors to store and track information related to their coursework.
  • eLC UGA offers an e learning environment for students.
  • eLC UGA Login is available to instructors of UGA to post all required course assignments, learning materials, quizzes, class communications, schedules among others to be accessed by UGA students.
  • eLC UGA Login is supported jointly by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), and Enterprise Information Technology Services (EITS). CTL ensures eLC UGA Login tutorials, workshops, and guides for their faculty members to improve the quality of their education.
  • eLC UGA Login allows instructors to create interactive lessons through the use of quizzes, class notes, discussions, and live chat tools. Students in turn can access these lessons and assessments, The resulting grades are also posted on eLC UGA Login for students to access.


Purpose Of ELC UGA Login

The ELC UGA Login Student Portal Login allows students and instructors to access the following services

  • Instructors can add interactive tools such as discussion boards and live chat tools to their eLC courses, along with content such as syllabi, class notes, quizzes, and grade postings to be accessed by students.
  • Online Course Registration
  • Check UGA Grades
  • Instructors and students can post and access all required course assignments, learning materials, quizzes, class communications, schedules etc


ELC UGA Login Requirements

  • You require a valid MyID login and password to login to the ELC UGA Login and engage in related courses of study.



  • To access the ELC UGA Login Portal first Visit the ELC UGA Login portal:
  • If you have your login ID and password, click on UGA MyID login
  • Enter your login ID and password
  • Click login and you will get a login to eLC UGA Login services
  • The ELC UGA Login can directly be accessed:
  • In case you don’t have your login ID or password, click on ‘Request eLC Help
  • ‘Request eLC Help’ will direct you to all the technical help you might need
  • If you have forgotten your eLC UGA Login and password, you can use the Non-MyID Login option to receive a new password via e-mail


UGA Course Registration On ELC UGA Login

UGA Athena Login


How To Access ELC UGA Student Grades – Results On ELC UGA Login

  • To access your ELC UGA Grades first Visit the ELC UGA Login portal:
  • If you have your login ID and password, click on UGA MyID login
  • Enter your login ID and password
  • Click login and you will get a login to eLC UGA Login Grades
  • Finally Proceed to access your UAC Grades


UGA MyID Login Password Reset

If you forget your UGA MyID Login Password, you will have to reset it in order to access UGA services online.

  1. To reset your password first visit the MyID Profile Management
  2. Then enter your MyID username into the MyID field.
  3. Then click the checkbox next to I’m not a robot.
  4. Depending on your security preferences set in your MyID Profile, you would perform one of the following tasks to reset your password:
    1. Answer two Self Question and Answer and then click Verify Answers.
    2. Receive a code by text to your mobile phone and enter it into the form and then select Verify Passcode.
    3. Receive a code through your alternate email address and enter it and then select Verify Passcode.
  5. Finally enter and confirm a new password.


eLC UGA Login Enrolment

  • eLC UGA Login employs a hassle-free automatic enrollment of students.
  • Teachers/instructors, they are automatically enrolled in eLC UGA Login when they are confirmed as the Instructors of Record.


My UGA Portal

Click the icons below to access the various UGA online services.



MyID is a set of account credentials (username and password) used for accessing the following UGA services (Note: Not all websites/services that require a MyID are included on this list):


UGA MyID Login

To access the E-Learning Portal at the UGA Centre for Learning and Teaching

  1. Visit the the UGA eLC portal
  2. Then tap on UGA MyID Login button
  3. Enter your Username and Password
  4. Tap Login


UAC Contact Address

101 Cedar Street
Athens, GA, 30602-1130


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