Details: Electoral Commission Payment Updates

Information reaching us indicates that payment of electoral officials who took part in the voter registration exercise and other electoral activities by the Electoral Commission is ongoing. This comes after several people in the eastern region confirmed receiving payment.


Electoral Officials in the Eastern Region and other regions have been duly paid as several officials holding accounts with GCB have confirmed receiving payment. If you are yet to receive payment, kindly exercise patience as the payment is usually done gradually from region to region.

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Subsequent updates will be posted on this page. Check back later.


Earlier Release By The Electoral Commission

The EC had earlier released a statement on its Facebook page concerning commencement of payment and conclusion of payment however some people have still not received payment. Check the release below:

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  1. The current EC Chair and her deputies are the most disgusting people I can think of, very wicked and greedy. I’ve worked with the commission for a while, but the current leadership is the worse and most incompetent of all.
    God will punish them for benefiting from our sweat.

    1. Those of us with zenith bank haven’t received our monies yet. Please follow up for us. Thank you

  2. Why this gradual process? If they were all recruited at the same time and started the work on the same date why this act of gradual payment? The officials battled with the people and risked thier lives despite the pandemic only to be paid later in the name of gradual process. I can’t think far. They better pay those officials in the name of Jesus.

      1. This kind of excuse just open the gate for our neighbouring countries to laugh at us.
        You come and tell us this kind of thing and you call it expiation which should be enough to convince us.
        We are educated for Christ sake.
        You mean for almost four months you have now identified anomalies and you are correcting them.
        What role at all is this advance era of technology playing in performance of your duties?
        Being an electoral official is not a joke, it requires a lot of sacrifice, dedication and professionalism to deliver the result that yuu sit at Accra to declear.
        So please save us the expiation and do the needful.
        Improve your mode of payment, and that is the way forward.
        As for me, I don’t thing I can tolerate this kind of disrespect any longer by indulging myself in anything to do with officiating elections.

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