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Electoral Commission Voter Registration Requirements, Procedures And Sample Form

Below are the Electoral Commission of Ghana’s Voter Registration Requirements, Procedures And Sample Form for the ongoing Voter Registration exercise to be used for the compilation of the new voter’s register for the 2020 General Elections.



Table of Contents

Electoral Commission Voter Registration Requirements 2020

These are the requirements for the Electoral Commission Voter Registration exercise.

  1. The right spelling of your full name
  2. Your date of birth
  3. Age
  4. Sex
  5. Your current residential address
  6. Town/Village/Area
  7. District
  8. Region
  9. NIA Card number
  10. Passport number
  11. Father’s full name.
  12. Mother’s full name
  13. Hometown address
  14. Town/Village/Area
  15. District
  16. Region


Electoral Commission Voter Registration Protocols And Procedures 2020

  1. You must go there in a face mask.
  2. When you get there, your temperature will be taken by the Ghana Health Service Personnel.
  3. Then you will be allowed into the registration premises.
  4. You will then wash your hand with soap under running water and you join the queue in the demarcated areas.
  5. You will then be attended to by an agent, who will look through your documents to ensure that you have not already registered.
  6. Afterwards our forms will be filled.
  7. You will then go to the data entry agent where your fingerprint will be taken and you will be photographed.
  8. Afterwards, your ID card will be processed and a hard copy will be given to you instantly.
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Sample Electoral Commission Voter Registration Sample Forms 2020


Sample Electoral Commission Voter Registration Form

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