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Entrant Status Check 2023

Here is the Entrant Status Check 2023 and how to check your DV Lottery Results. This article provides a guide you through the Entrant Status Check 2023 procedures as well as the DV Lottery selection process.


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About Entrant Status Check 2023

After the DV Lottery registration, results are released around May of the next year. Applicants who registered for the DV lottery program the previous year can then check their Entrant Status

The process of checking for the Entrant Status Check 2023 is fully automated. The application process is strictly online. You will not be mailed a letter or emailed a notice alerting you that you’ve won a lottery or that your entry was not accepted.

The surest way to find out whether you were successful is to use the electronic Entrant Status Check at:


Entrant Status Check 2023

  1. First you have to visit the Entrant Status Check 2023 portal:
  2. Then navigate to the “DV Entrant Status Check” of the page
  3. Then Click on the “check status ” button
  4. Afterwards Enter your unique confirmation number, Last Name and Year of Birth. Then Type the Authentication code and click the “Submit” button to reveal your DV Lottery results
  5. If the DV Lottery results check shows that you have been selected as a DV lottery “winner” you can then view your interview date with the immigration visa department.


How to Check Entrant Status 2023

  1. To check your DV lottery results, use the online Entrant Status Check at:
  2. The process of Entrant Status Check 2023 result is now automated. The DV lottery result checking process is strictly online.


How to Check 2023 Entrant Status

  • You will need the confirmation number issued to you when you submitted your lottery entry during the registration period.
  • If you have lost your confirmation number, do the following to retrieve it: Visit the Entrant Status Check website at: and your personal information to retrieve it.
  • Then Enter the confirmation number, Last/Family Name and Year of Birth. Then Type the Authentication characters and click the “Submit” button to reveal your DV Lottery results
  • If you are selected in the lottery, you will receive your interview date and how to proceed to apply for a US immigrant visa and Green Card.


DV Lottery 2023 Status Check – Selection Process

  • After the DV lottery registration process, A randomly generated lottery draw is generated to select the DV lottery winners of the previous year.
  • The DV lottery “winners” are then to attend an interview with the immigration visa department for the final selection of applicants.


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  1. I am struggling to log into the entrant status despite inputting the correct confirmation number. The portal keeps on saying invalid number. I have tried another option given, i still can’t access the new confirmation number.

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