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7 Things You Can Do With G-Money In Ghana

Here are 7 Things You Can Do With G-Money In Ghana. Physical transactions have efficiently been replaced by electronic transactions.

Though Ghana’s E-payment systems are not as many, quite a good number of people took the opportunity to deal with their payment issues using Mobile Money platforms.

G-Money is equally but most effective on of the mobile money platforms introduced by the Ghana Commercial Bank. And this works just perfectly fine without any complications.

This article is about GCB’s G-Money platform and very interesting transactions you can operate on it.

G-Money as stated earlier, is also an electronic money transaction system operated by the GCB and it operates normally just like any other mobile money system.

Find below, a list of things you can do with GCB’s G-Money platform.




Money Transferring And Receiving Service

Regarding sending and receiving money, G-Money has made this process very easy especially including different platforms.

G-Money’s more or less the universal form of all Mobile Money services. Here on G-Money, you can send money to any mobile money customer across any network. Be it MTN, Vodafone etc. right from your G-Money account using *422# short code

Similarly, everyone using a G-Money account can receive money from any Mobile Money customer no matter the network type he or she uses.


Airtime Purchase

With GCB’s G-money, you can recharge your airtime from your G-Money account for all networks available in Ghana.

You can equally purchase airtime for yourself or any other person on your contact list by simply selecting their network and dialing their number.

This is an outstanding opportunity since other Mobile Money platforms hardly allow the purchase of airtime to a different network. Say an airtime purchase from an MTN subscriber to a Vodafone subscriber. But with G-Money, it is G-Money to all networks.


Payment Of Bills

Bills payments were associated with many complications until G-Money was introduced. This is due to the fact that G-Money has a fast and reliable USSD feature which allows you to make payment of any utility right from your mobile device anytime at any place.

Electricity bills, water bills etc has G-Money support in terms of their bills’ payments. Which airds in the settlement of bills just with a very few steps.


Banking Services and Transactions

Banking nowadays involves lesser clients or customers visiting the banks physically. Instead, they perform all banking transactions in their houses.

This is all possible with the aid of technology. Banking activities such as making transfers, payment of bills or fees, checking of balance etc now takes place right from the comfort zones of banking clients using mobile banking applications.

Tapping into its narrative, G-Money provides its clients with the chance to deposit money into their bank accounts, transfer money into other bank accounts and undertake other banking transactions using the platform.

This is all possible when banking accounts are linked directly to G-Money wallets. This can be done with very few steps.

Cashing In and Out

As well as other Mobile Money platforms, G-Money also provides Cash In and Cash Out services to its clients.

By visiting any G-Money agent, clients are able to deposit money of any amount into their G-Money wallet without any complications whatsoever.

Alternatively, any subscriber can withdraw money from their G-Money wallet by visiting any G-Money agent.

It is a very easy system as compared to other Mobile Money services.


Group Contributions

Talking of Group Contributions, it is one of the unique services G-Money render to its subscribers.

G-Money Group Contributions can contain up to 200 subscribers (per group) to enable them to plan out group savings and other schemes easily and efficiently.

These group accounts can be managed by two participants of the group. That is the group’s administrator and the group’s financial secretary.

This is how good G-Money can help out groups of workers, families, groups seeking to contribute for a purpose, etc.


Connections With Applications Or Websites Payment Integrations

G-Money is one of the ways that app developers and website designers can receive their payment to help in easy sales payments. It is highly recommended that G-Money be added as part of payment methods.

This comes with a great advantage for especially ecommerce sites and applications.

Also, G-Money has a free and available Application Programming Interface (API) which can be integrated or embedded into their websites or applications as methods of payments.

This basically means anyone can receive payments for the services or goods they offer right through their mobile application or website by embedding G-Money’s API into the website or application.



The importance of e-payments methods in today’s times cannot be underestimated. And must be accepted as it comes with lots of benefits in our daily lives.

There are many mobile money wallets available in Ghana presently with each Mobile Telecommunication company owning one.

However, GCB Bank’s G-Money which is a new product in the nation’s Mobile Money industry is a strong choice among the others.

With the seven uses explained above, I hope you find G-money convenient and more flexible for all your payments.

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