GES Boss Speaks About SHS Reopening Date, BECE, E-learning etc : Full Details

Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES), Mr Opoku Amankwa, speaking in an interview on Adom FM’s Dwaso Nsem morning show on Wednesday, addressed some concerns raised by parents and guardians on the live radio show. He spoke of SHS Reopening Date, E-learning, BECE among others. He also spoke on the measures put in place by GES to ensure that Senior High Students fully benefit from the online-learning platform put up by government. Answers to questions posed to him has been presented below.


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Commencement of TV and Online learning


Mr Opoku Amankwa stated that the television and online learning for the SHS syllabus had already commenced and that students could now learn on the various TV channels and an online platform set up by the government.

The online platform known as the icampusgh.com can be accessed by SHS students by imputing their BECE index numbers with their year of completion to gain access.

He continued that there are over 600 videos covering all the ten subjects for SHS students to choose from and study.



Teacher’s Involvement In The Online Learning Process


Speaking further on the topic, Mr Opoku Amankwa stated that over 40 teachers have been assigned by GES to assist students with learning on the various online platforms. He made this known with the following statement:

“We’ve assigned over 40 teachers to assist and interact with students while they learn on the online, television and radio platforms”

The teachers are to answer questions raised by students while teaching and learning is ongoing, particularly on the online site set up by government.



All TV Stations In Ghana To Air Educational Contents Soon


Mr Opoku Amankwa revealed that a directive instructing all TV stations in the country to air senior high schools related programmes is underway.

The directive is to ensure that students who are unable to gain access to educational content on the icampusgh.com due to the limited or no access to the internet will do so on the various TV channels so as not to be disadvantaged.

To further deepen access to educational content by SHS students, he stated that GES will make available learning materials on various Whatsapp platforms.



SHS School Reopening Date


Mr Opoku Amankwa denied claims that a reopening date for the various Senior High Schools (SHS) had been set for September this year.

He stated that the video, circulating on social media had been doctored and that no date had been set for the reopening of senior high schools in the country.



How And When To Conduct BECE


Mr Opoku Amankwa said GES is unsure about how and when it is going to organise the annual Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

According to him, the pandemic has hindered a lot of activities they were to undertake prior to the BECE, adding that he could not at the moment give a specific time or schedule within which the BECE will be conducted. This was made known with the following statement:

“For now we can’t tell how we will organize the BECE, if we give a date and by that time the virus has not gone we can’t go ahead and do it. And besides there are so many things we first have to do before the BECE starts like educating the students on how to choose schools and all that, but we now we can’t because of the pandemic, he said”


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  1. I have followed the commentary concerning this educational system and I have realized that all the comments that have been coming are for the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLS. Am also a technical student and I want to ask that what are the plans of the government concerning we the TECHNICAL INSTITUTIONS. Does the government also have updates for us. WE WANT TO KNOW.

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