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GES Intra District Transfer 2022/2023

GES Inter District Transfer & Intra District Transfer 2022/2023 has commenced.

The Ghana education service has announced commencement of intra district reposting. This is as announced on the social media platforms of GES.


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Table of Contents

About GES Intra District Transfer

  • Issuance of GES Intra District assurance letters begins from 11th August – 30th September 2022.
  • The processing of applications to the headquarters will also begins in September 2022 and take effect from the beginning of the next academic year(January 2023).
  • Kindly take note of the duration of the exercise as there will be no extension thereafter.


GES Inter District Transfer

How To Apply For GES Inter District Transfer

  • First obtain an Assurance letter from a preferred District within the Region where vacancies exist.
  • The receiving District Director declares objection or otherwise, by issuing an assurance letter to the applicant.
  • After securing the assurance letter, the applicant applies for Reposting from his/her current District.
  • The District Director writes a covering letter, indicating his/her consent
  • The applicant must attach all necessary documents (Eg. Current Payslip, Assurance Letter, Certificates, Bank Clearance, etc).
  • The District Director forwards the applicant’s documents to the Regional Education Office. The Regional Director gives final approval. After the final approval is given, the current District Director then releases the applicant to complete the reposting process.
  • Note: A teacher seeking Inter District reposting can only be released by their current District after the Regional Director has given the final approval.
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GES Intra District Transfer

  • First obtain write to the District Director and attaches his/her current payslip, personal reqord form, certificates, bank clearance, etc. indicating his/her willingness to move from his/her current school to another school within the District.
  • The District Director declares objection or otherwise, by issuing an approval letter to the applicant.
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The Official Release


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