Check And Download: GES Legacy Arrears List Of Verified Teachers For Payment

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has submitted the list of members of the Coalition of Concerned Teachers-Ghana (CCT-GH) who have been verified for the payment of the legacy arrears to the leadership of CCT-GH.




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Check And Download: GES Legacy Arrears List Of Verified Teachers For Payment


The data is verified to be that of teachers that qualify for the payment of the legacy arrears. Teachers who are victims of the Legacy  Arrears are to check their names on the data

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The publishing of the legacy arrears was made known with the statement: We hereby publish this data for all CCT Ghana members that are affected to check in their names in the list.

We also want to state that GES has given room for all those whose names may not be found in this list to as a matter of urgency submit their particulars as specified by GES to their District Directors of Education for the next line of action as stated below;

  1. For those whose legacy arrears related to salary should submit the following
  • First Appointment letter
  • Assumption of duty letter
  • First pay slip
  1. Legacy arrears related to promotions should submit the following;
  • promotion letter
  • pay slip in which the first salary on the promoted grade was paid.
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Please do well to follow the directive given by GES to get your grievance redressed.

Thank you

General Secretary
CCT Ghana
7th September, 2020


  1. I worked for 19 months( Sept, 2013 – Feb, 2015 ) but received only three months arrears. It remains 16 months to be paid. Please, is it not legacy arrears?

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