GES Legacy Arrears Updates: Submit These Documents To Justify Your Claims On Legacy Arrears

The management of GES has requested that teachers who could justify that they were entitled to be paid legacy arrears to submit the stated documents here to their respective regional/district education office nationwide.

The was made known in defense of its claims that it has fully paid the Legacy arrears of teachers who deserved payment. The GES claims it has verified and fully paid every teacher and every member of staff who deserve the legacy arrears. The last batch of payment was made in December last year to 1,200 members of staff.

Management of GES, after further checks on some 2,558 members of staff whose eligibility was contested, had approved payment to them and so they were being processed by the Controller and Accountant-General’s Department (CAGD) for payment.




Submission of Document For Legacy Arrears

Those whose legacy arrears relates to salary are to present appointment letters, the assumption of duty letters and first pay slips, while those whose legacy arrears relates to promotion are to provide promotion letters and payslips on which the first salaries on the promoted grade were paid. 

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