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GES Recruitment: New Application Procedures

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has officially opened recruitment for the academic year for prospective teachers. This application process is different from the usual one. Here are detailed procedures to apply for the Ghana Education Service (GES) recruitment.


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Deadline For GES Recruitment

Deadline for the recruitment process which  officially begun on Monday, 2nd September is to end on 15th September .


Eligibility and Criteria For GES Recruitment

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has officially outlined these criteria for recruitment. You are eligible to apply when you meet the following criteria. Although the focus is on the final year college of education students, any graduate either from the colleges of education or tertiary institutions with education background or certification  who meets these criteria should apply.

This include diploma and degree holding graduates who offered education related courses at the universities such as University of cape coast (UCC), University of education (UEW) or by distance such as Jackson college of education or institutions accredited to run distance courses by the University of cape coast (UCC) or University of education (UEW).


Rumors are that this recruitment is for colleges of education graduates but we entreat university graduates with education background to apply. As of whether there will be another recruitment for graduates is very unlikely. It is likely that the same system is being used to recruit both colleges of education graduates and university graduates alike.

It has already been stated officially on air that university graduates with the requisite education background who meets all the criteria would be considered. It is stated emphatically in the GES communique below.


There are also limited vacancies for graduates with early childhood / Basic Education who meet all the criteria for consideration.


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Recruitment Eligibility According To The Ghana Education Service (GES)

Candidates who wish to be recruited should have

  1. Completed and passed the final year college of education examination
  2. Completed mandatory national service
  3. Passed the teacher licensure examination
  4. Be prepared to work wherever he/she is posted by the GES


Mode Of Application According To The Ghana Education Service (GES)

Qualified candidates should complete the application form and upload the relevant certificates as stated above to on or before september 15 .


Detailed Application Procedures – GES Recruitment

  1. To start the registration go to and click on “Recruitment (Apply for recruitment as a teaching staff into GES )” tab. Or just visit .

GES Recuitment home-page

  1. Then click on the “Click to Start Filling Form” button.

GES Recuitment click-to-start

  1. The first section of the application form is the personal details section. In this section enter your personal details such as your first name, last name, date of birth, place of birth, region of birth, nationality, marital status, email and phone number.

GES Recuitment personal-details

  1. After entering your personal details, the “certification” section shows up. On this page you are to enter your “NTC Licensure number” and select your “NTC Result” with the option of either “Pass” or “Fail”. You are also to enter your “College Of Education Index No”, this refers to your index number from the institution you attended, then select your “COE Result” with the option of either “Pass” or “Fail”. Afterwards, enter your “NSS Number”, “District of NSS Posting” and select your “Region of NSS Posting” and “Year of Completing NSS”


  1.   After entering your certification details, the passport picture and certificates upload section shows up. Click on “choose file” at the “File Upload-Passport Picture” section to choose your passport picture and click on the “Upload-Passport Picture” button to upload your passport.

Do same to upload your certificates in the “File Upload Certified Copies Of Certificates” section. Certificates to be uploaded are are your college / university diploma or degree certificates, your national service certificate, your licensure exams certificate and your birth certificate.

4. Upload-files

  1. After uploading your certificates and clicking on “Upload Certificates“, the “Submit Application Form” button shows up. Make sure the areas you uploaded your documents are green and shows “view document“. If you do not see this in the respective areas. It means your file did not upload. Click on “Submit Application Form” to submit the application form.

5 . Docs-uploaded

  1. After submitting the application form, the print page shows up. Click on the “Click to Print Submitted Form ” to print your application form. Then click on the  “Click to Close” button to exit the application process.



Things To Note When Applying For The GES Recruitment

  1. Make sure the areas you uploaded your documents are green and shows “view document“. If you do not see this in the respective areas. It means your file did not upload.
  2. The certificates to upload should be in pdf format
  3. If your certificates section did not show the green “View Document” button, it means your files did not upload. This is due to the size of the files. When you scan a document with a scanner the file size is usually in megabytes. All the files combined becomes too big. The system has file size limits. Make sure each document size is in kilobytes and all the files combined should be below 10 megabytes.
  4. To reduce the file size of the documents, Scan the documents with a mobile phone instead of a scanner. There are apps for scanning documents on phones.


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