Check Here: GES Legacy Arrears Payment Requirements, Procedures And Updates

The Ministry of education has stated the procedures to be followed for payment of the GES legacy arrears to respective teachers owed such arrears. This was made known with the statement:


The GES received the data 14,028 personnel being the outstanding figure from the total application received from the Controller and Accountant General department” 





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The statement released by GES expressed disappointed with the statement of the GNAT, Mr Thomas Musah over the payment of the arrears.

It further stated that, only 2,558 out of the 14,028 has not been paid and has subsequently been sent to Controller and Accontant General’s department to process payment.

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The teacher unions are therefore to submitted only 4,881 names as their verified members.

The management GES is therefore requesting of teachers who can justify that, they are entitled to be paid the legacy arrears to submit the following information to their respective regional/district directorate of education for subsequent processing.


Table of Contents

GES Legacy Arrears Payment Updates Requirements – Documents To Be Presented


  1. For those whos legacy arrears relates to salary are to present the following documents:
    • First appointment letter
    • Assumption of duty letter
    • First payslip
  2. For those whos legacy arrears relates to promotions are to present the following documents:
    • Promotion letter
    • Payslip on which your first salary on the promotion grade was paid


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  1. Frimpong Ofosu joseph

    Gnat officers toke my documents but i haven’t heard from them

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