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Ghana Card Registration 2020 Nationwide Begins

The National Identification Authority has announced the commencement of the mass Ghana Card registration across all sixteen regions of the country.
This mass NIS roll-out project will begin in Greater Accra Region from the 29th of April 2019 and end in the Central Region on the 31st of March 2020. The exercise entails the registration and issuance of smart, dual-interface Ghana Cards to 85% of Ghanaians aged 15 years and above.

Some Ghanaians have complained about the NIA’s delay with the mass registration although it started selected registration in June 2018. The Authority is however confident about the released date and hopes the citizens will comply accordingly.
Executive Secretary of the National Identification Authority, Professor Kenneth Agyemang Attafuah stated that the Ghana Card replaces other cards and that institutions who refuse to acknowledge the card will be breaking the law.


Adding that MoUs have been signed with some agencies such as DVLA, SSNIT, NHIA, GRA etc. as they will no longer produce sector-specific ID cards and save the country monies over the project life cycle.
Speaking at a press briefing Thursday, 25th April, 2019, Prof Attafuah noted that the agreements have been made with ECOWAS such that the Ghana Card and ECOWAS card have been integrated into one card.

NIA registration of children under the age of fifteen years will commence after the conclusion of the mass registration exercise, where they will be issued with 2-D bar code Ghana Cards.

“Every Ghanaian, aged between zero to infinity, is to be registered and issued with the Ghana Card. Ghanaians living in Ghana will receive the card at no cost to the individual, while Ghanaians living outside the country will pay a fee for the card.”
“The card is valid for ten years, after which every citizen will be required to renew it at a fee. Replacement of the card upon loss or destruction at any time will also attract a fee.”

The registration exercise will also cover Ghanaians in the diaspora and this will be in collaboration with Ghanaian Missions abroad and the Office of the Diaspora Relations of the Presidency.
According to Prof Attafuah, the registration will commence at 8am to 5pm each day (excluding Sunday and Public holidays).



Dates For The Nationwide Registration

Volta Region – 15th July 2019 ——— 1st August 2019
Oti Region – 15th July 2019 ——-– 1st August 2019
Northern Region – 13th August ———— 2nd September 2019
Savannah 13th August 2019 ——— 2nd September 2019
North East 13th august 2019 ——– 2nd September 2019
Upper East 12th September 2019 —— 9th September 2019
Upper West 12th September 2019 —– 29th September 2019
Bono 10th October 2019 – 30th October 2019
Bono East 10th October 2019 ——- 30th October 2019
Ahafo 10th October 2019 ——-– 30th October 2019
Western 11th November 2019 ——- 2nd December 2019
Western North 11th November 2019 ——— 2nd December 2019
Ashanti 10th December 2019 ——— 31st January 2020
Eastern 12th February 2020 ———– 4th March 2020
Central 13th March 2020 ——– 31st March 2020




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  1. Upon all the print out cards mine is not in photo album. What should i do?
    Name: Patrick Owusu Nti
    Date of Birth: 14/10/1984
    Adansi South District
    Apagya R/C Registration Center

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