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Ghana Card Registration 2022/2023

The National Identification Authority (NIA) has announced to the general public that it has opened additional registration centers for the Ghana card registration effective Monday21st February onwards.

This is to help citizens who are yet to acquire the Ghana Card to do so for the ongoing SIM Re Registration Process.


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About Ghana Card Registration

  • The National Identification Authority (NIA) has introduced this intervention in response to growing numbers of Ghanaians visiting the NIA’s offices nationwide to register for the Ghana Card in order to meet the deadline for Sim-Card re-registration approaches.
  • Apart from the El-wak Sports Stadium, which will operate as a Premium Center, registration at all the other locations is free.
  • If you have already registered but have not received your card contact your respective district offices to be issued with your card and do not attempt to register again as this constitutes an offence punishable by law
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NIA Office In Accra, Kumasi Cape Coast Tamale

The Ghana card registration is being done at the following registration centers:

NIA Office In Accra

  1. Accra Sports Stadium
  2. El-wak Sports Stadium (Premium Centre), Accra

NIA Office In Kumasi

NIA Office In Cape Coast

NIA Office In Cape Tamale


Full List Of 276 NIA District Offices In Ghana


Ghana Card Registration Online

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Cost Of Ghana Card Registration

  • Apart from the Premium Centers such as the El-wak Sports Stadium, Ghana Card Registration at all the other locations is free.


Ghana Card Registration Date & Schedule

  • The additional Ghana Card Registration centers are opened from Monday21st February to Tuesday, 31st March.
  • However the NIA’s 276 District and 16 Regional offices remains open always
  • The Ghana Card Registration centers will be open on Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5: 00 pm


Ghana Card Registration Requirements

The NIA Ghana Card Registration Requirements as provided by law states that an applicant must provide the following documents to be registered for the Ghana Card Registration :

  1. Original copy of a Birth Certificate; or
  2. Original copy of a valid Passport; or
  3. Original copy of a valid Certificate of Acquired Citizenship
  • If you do not possess any of the documents specified above, a relative who has already registered and issued a Ghana card can vouch for you under oath.
  • If you have no known relatives, two persons aged 18 years and above and known to you and who have both registered and have been issued with Ghana cards can vouch for the you under oath.
  • In this instance, the two persons qualified to vouch for an applicant must fall within the following categories:
  1. A practicing or retired professional teacher / head of education institution (ie principals, headmasters & headteachers)
  2. Gazetted Chief
  3. Practicing or retired Magistrate or Judge
  4. licensed professional, g., a Medical Doctor, a Nurse, a Lawyer, an Accountant, an Engineer, an Architect
  5. serving or retired Civil Servant
  6. serving or retired Public Servant
  7. serving or retired Clergyman
  8. An Imam
  9. serving or retired Catechist
  10. serving or retired member of the Security Services including the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Armed Forces, Ghana Prison Service, Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana National Fire Service, Bureau of National Investigations, Customs, Excise and Preventive Service of the Ghana Revenue Authority and National Security
  11. current or past Member of Parliament
  12. current or past Assemblyman
  13. current or past member of a Unit Committee
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  1. I registered since 2019 yet I’ve not receive my card. I went to the office since December 2021 and has been told the card is not ready. Since then I’ve been calling the office to verify whether or not its in but to no avail. And they are saying I can’t register again since I’ve registered in 2019. What should I do now?

  2. What will happen to those of us who registered and could not get our cards? I registered in 2020 and didn’t get my card on that day. So I went to the main office in my district, a couple of times, as directed and I was told the card is still not ready. Clearly, me not being able to register my sim cards is through no faults of mine. So do I have to lose my sim card because of this?

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