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Massive Recruitment At Ghana Manganese Company Limited

Here is the current Ghana Manganese Company Limited Recruitment and how to apply. Ghana Manganese Company Limited is inviting applications from qualified applicants for employment for the under-mentioned job vacancies.


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Vacancies Today


Recruitment Of Lifting Equipment Maintenance Technician

Job Responsibilities

• Follow all HSE procedures, company standards and Mincom regulations on the mine in executing all radio maintenance tasks.
• Conduct Thorough Examinations and maintenance of lifting equipment which includes chain hoists, lever hoists, jaw winches, jacks, hand operated winches, travelling trolleys and pulley blocks, shackles, eyebolts, chain slings, wire rope slings, flat webbing slings, round slings, plate clamps, beam clamps, lifting beams, spreader beams and lifting frames.
• Identify parts required to carry out installation, repair and maintenance activities on all lifting equipment.
• Carry out maintenance on manually operated lifting appliances such as chain hoists, lever hoists, jaw winches, jacks, hand operated winches, travelling trolleys and pulley blocks.
• Maintain and adhere to the industry standards and/or best practice for quality control over their own work and take an active role in general workshop quality control.
• Modify equipment in accordance with detailed specifications, taking steps to ensure that any modifications are made in accordance with current legislation and do not create health and safety hazards.
• Identify issues with lifting equipment and discuss solutions with supervisors.
• Carry out verification in accordance with current industry standards and practices (verification types can include function test, non-destructive test, destructive test, light load test, operational and proof load tests).
• Use and apply lifting equipment as it was intended by the manufacturer and demonstrate correct use to end users.
• Verify operating capacity and appropriate working loads of all relevant equipment, such as slings in the manner that they are being used by way of mathematical equations


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Recruitment Of Training Coordinator 

Job Responsibilities

• Ensure all the statutory trainings are conducted in line with Ghana Mining regulations.
• Guiding employees on the best work practices by ensuring safe work processes are in place, understood and consistently used by all.
• Set training process targets in compliance with relevant codes of practice.
• Keep up to date training records and all certifications.
• Plan training course content requirements and development.
• Ensure that appropriate programs are designed and implemented.
• Facilitate all skills development processes as the Skills Development Facilitator (SDF).
• Develop guidelines and systems for implementation of policies, procedures and codes of practice.
• Finalize the annual training plan.
• Evaluate applications for external technical training to make recommendations of who should attend the training by incorporating technical knowledge.
• Measure employee performance against business requirements in order to identify training needs.
• Monitor and evaluate the performance of all trainees after completion of the training course within a specific time frame


Recruitment Of Plant Production Superintendent

Job Responsibilities

Ensures the safe and efficient operation of the crushing plants to meet or exceed safety, production, cost and targets.
• Ensures compliance with all applicable safety and environmental regulations, company policies and standards.
• Ensures targets set are communicated and monitored for performance. Re-aligns team as required to achieve targets.
• Identifies and implements continuous improvement initiatives.

• Responsible for the monitoring and improvement of safety performance for employees and contractors working in the crushing plants.
• Responsible for ensuring the crushing plants remain in compliance with the MINCOM Regulations, Company Policies and Standards.
• Responds to emergency situations and unusual operating conditions to ensure the safety of personnel and limit potential negative impacts on production, environment and costs.
• Responsible for maintaining a high standard of housekeeping in all areas within the crushing plants.
• Promotes and monitors the utilization of the change management process to ensure the safe design and implementation of changes.

• Participates in the hiring process for both staff and contractors within the department to ensure that new hires have the skills, qualifications and competencies required of them to become a contributing member of the Plant team.
• Sets objectives and development plans for reports, coaches and periodically reviews performance.
• Ensure that employees are kept informed of safety, production, and cost performance statistics, to encourage growth and participation in potential improvements to each KPI.
• Participates in the Progressive Discipline Process and grievance procedures as required. Ensures compliance with the CBA.

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The above duties and responsibilities are representative of the nature and level of work assigned and are not necessarily all-inclusive


Recruitment Of Project Officers

Job Responsibilities

• Assist with technical coordination between the engineering and supply chain functions.
• Prepare, schedule, coordinate and monitor the assigned engineering projects.
• Monitor compliance to applicable codes, practices, QA/QC policies, performance standards and specifications.
• Perform overall quality control of the work (budget, schedule, plans, personnel’s performance) and report regularly on project status.
• Assemble the required spare parts lists for the project and coordinate their purchase through the supply chain function.
• Monitor engineering design information for compliance with agreed standard engineering deliverables.
• Assist the Engineering Manager with the development and implementation of a construction completions and systems turnover plan.
• Assist in the resolution of field nonconforming conditions.
• Support construction site materials management.
• Assist with receipt inspection of materials received at the site.
• Responsible to identify potential HSE hazards.
• Assist in the resolving of Technical Queries.
• Assist with the recording of all “as-built” information


Recruitment Of Radio Maintenance Technician

Job Responsibilities

• Follow all HSE procedures, company standards and Mincom regulations on the mine in executing all radio maintenance tasks.
• Performs on a daily basis complex troubleshooting and a full range of radio communications technician assignments.
• Assist’s and performs ground based radio communications systems planning, system design, implementation, installation, support and problem solving
• Installs, tests, repairs, and maintains base station, mobile and multiplex equipment, both analog and digital, and point to point radio communications systems
• Ensures RF frequencies and equipment are properly evaluated and approved according to company standards.
• Installation of new two-way radio systems, cabling, and other communications equipment
• Advanced technical knowledge of radio electronics.
• Ability to install, repair and program Radio electronic tools.
• Ability to maintain radio frequency stations


Recruitment Of Rigger 

Job Responsibilities

• Follow all HSE procedures, company standards and Mincom regulations on the mine in executing all rigging tasks.
• Ensures the safety of yourself, team and equipment in all lifting operations.
• Ensures proper selection of appropriate lifting gears for all lifting operations.
• Ensures periodic auditing of all lifting gears and records kept.
• Removes from service any unsafe lifting gear and record kept.
• Attached loads to lifting equipment for safe lifting.
• Ensures safe dismantle and storage of rigging equipment after use


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Recruitment Of Plant Senior Production Supervisor

Job Responsibilities

Supervise operations in all process areas.
• Schedule and deploy personnel, equipment and supplies necessary for the successful operation of the crushing plants.
• Ensure adherence to operating parameters, make decisions on operating conditions or parameters and take necessary corrective action to minimize operating variations.
• Oversee the progress made by the shift team and monitor results and quality at each processing stage.
• Work with the metallurgical team and laboratory to ensure the optimum metallurgical performance of the crushing plants.
• Work with the maintenance team to achieve efficient plant equipment performance and availability.
• Coordinate maintenance requirements of the crushing plants outside of business hours to maintain production requirements and targets.
• Notify management of any detectable and/or prolonged production variance.
• Coordinate production shutdowns and start-ups of the crushing plants to minimize delays.
• Maintain a high housekeeping standard in all crushing circuits.
• Provide input into daily operational issues regarding areas affected to the Plant Superintendent or Management.
• Request services from other departments as required.
• Participate in continuous improvement programs which will assist in enhancing the performance of the crushing plants operation.
• Coordinate and execute smaller projects in the process area by following the change management procedure.
• Supervise shift teams responsible for the operation of the plants and associated facilities.
• Instruct shift team personnel on safe work practices and conduct work place inspections on a regular basis by:
• Issuing continuous and ongoing instructions to each person under their direct control throughout the work period.
• Inspecting primary production and auxiliary equipment regularly for maintenance integrity.
• Inspecting each operating area for housekeeping requirements and direct operating personnel to maintain housekeeping standards.
• Reviewing operating reports or log sheets throughout regular scheduled shifts and taking corrective action to maintain operating parameters.


Application Procedures : How To Apply

  • Interested persons should click on a respective vacancy for application instructions

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