Ghana Prisons Service Salary And Rank Structure 2020 / 2021-

Here is the Ghana Prison Service (GPS) Salary and Rank Structure 2020 / 2021. In this article, you will find how much personnel in Ghana Prison Service (GPS) are paid monthly as salary.


Ghana Prison Service (GPS) Service Salary Structure


The Ghana Prison Service (GPS)  personnel are paid based on the newly introduced Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS) implemented in 2010. The Ghana Prison Service (GPS)) salary is also paid according to ranks in the service. As such your rank also determines how much you are paid. A graduate recruit in the Ghana Prison Service (GPS) earns more than an regular officer with WASSCE or SSCE.

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Therefore the average salary Ghana Prison Service (GPS) personnel is GHS 1500.



Ghana Prison Service (GPS) Service Rank


The Ghana Prison Service (GPS) has an organized command which begins from the most senior officer down to junior officer. The Director-General of Prisons is the highest rank, The rank insignia of the Director-General of Prisons has four symbols with a lapel badge, The official cap of the The Ghana Prison Service (GPS) has double laurel leaves and the Ghana Prison Service (GPS) services logo. Below are the detailed ranks of the Ghana Prison Service (GPS)) from the most senior officer down to junior officer:

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  1. Officer Cadet
  2. Assistant Supt. of Prisons
  3. Deputy Supt. of Prisons
  4. Superintendent of Prisons
  5. Chief Superintendent of Prisons
  6. Assistant Director of Prisons
  7. Deputy Director of Prisons
  8. Director of Prisons
  9. Deputy Director-General of Prisons
  10. Director-General of Prisons


Junior Officer Ranks

The Junior Ranks in the Ghana Prison Service (GPS) begins from Recruit, then after a satisfactory completion of a training course at the. The Recruit progress through the ranks.

  1. 2nd Class Officer
  2. Lance Corporal
  3. Corporal
  4. Sergeant
  5. Assistant Chief Office
  6. Chief Office
  7. Senior Cheif Office
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