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Ghanaian Inventor Manufactures Solar Hand Washing Machine To Help Prevent COVID-19 – Full Details

A young Ghanaian Inventor has manufactured an automated hand-washing machine that uses solar energy to pump water through a tap for hand washing to aid in preventing the COVID-19 pandemic.


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About The Solar Hand Washing Machine


The young man who displayed his machine in a video said the system is to help fight against the COPVID-19 pandemic. The hand-washing machine which has a solar panel pumps water as well as a liquid soap automatically for handwashing. The soap ejector is programmed to flow for 25 seconds purposely to help one have adequate soap for hand-washing.

The hand-washing machine also has an alarm that reminds a user of the number of seconds left for using the soapy water which is 25 seconds, after which the water flows by the help of a sensor, which prevents the user from touching the pipe.


Touching the tap could in itself spread the virus, as such in this system that need is completely automated. He appealed to the government and investors to assist to help him produce on large scale.


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