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GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship Application Form

The GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship has been opened for eligible Ghanaian students pursuing undergraduate studies at any of the public tertiary institution in Ghana.


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About The GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship

The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) offers limited Undergraduate scholarships, through the GNPC Foundation, to prospective Ghanaian students for each academic year. The scholarship is for the various degree courses and is tenable at accredited public tertiary Institutions in Ghana.

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Scope Of The GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship

  1. The GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship covers tuition, accommodation, living expenses, learning materials as well as Book Allowance and Dissertation/Project Allowance.
  2. The GNPC Undergraduate scholarship is a full scholarship to awarded to Ghanaian students that have gotten admission into Public Tertiary Institutions but need Financial assistance.
  3. Women in Engineering and Geosciences or those who have gained admission to read Degree/Postgraduate degree Programmes in Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Agricultural Sciences, Special Education, Environment, Health and Sanitation are also eligible.
  4. Other important aspects will include women in engineering, brilliant and needy students, those with physical challenges as well as, oil and gas courses pursuant get to enjoy some preference during the selection process.


GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship Application Eligibility, Qualifications Requirements

  1. You must be a Ghanaian.
  2. You Must be a prospective students who have obtained admission to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme at a public tertiary institution at the time of application
  3. Teachers and lecturers in Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are also eligible
  • Teachers pursuing English and Ghanaian Languages are also eligible
  • Teachers pursuing TVET at technical institutions, Nursing Training Colleges and Colleges of Education.
  • Persons with disabilities are also eligible (Such Applicants are required to upload medical certificate stating the level/seriousness of disability)
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GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship Application Documents Required To Apply Online


GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship Application Documents Required For Undergraduate Students

  1. Your Admission letter
  2. Your WASSCE results
  3. Your Testimonial
  4. Your Birth certificate
  5. A Passport picture

GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship Application Documents Required For Postgraduate

  1. Your Admission letter
  2. Your research Publication
  3. A Passport picture
  4. Academic and Occupational Recommendation letters
  5. Your relevant Certificates


GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship Application Form: How To Apply

  1. First visit the GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship Application Link Portal at:
  2. Then click on the create account button and provide necessary details with correct phone number and active e-mail to create an account
  3. A form ID or PIN will be generated and sent to your e-mail.
  4. Check your email inbox or the spam/junk e-mail section of your email to access the GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship Application form ID or PIN
  5. Afterwards visit:
  6.  then provide your phone number and form ID to login
  7. Then fill the GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship Application form very correctly with all the right details
  8. Applicants with disability, are to upload medical report as evidence of disability
  9. If you are a Continuing student, upload your statement of results.


Solution To Challenges That May Prevent You From Receiving Your GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship

You will be disqualified if

  1. You are a sandwich, part-time, private or fee-paying student in public tertiary institutions.
  2. You already enjoy any form of educational scholarship
  3. Inaccurate information.
  4. Misrepresentation in of your application details.
  5. Even if you are given the scholarship based on misrepresentation, it will be withdrawn and if any investments are made based on the misrepresentation, you may be asked to provide a refund or may face prosecution or both.
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GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship List – Beneficiaries

Preference are given to:

  1. Students and tutors of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
  2. Special Needs Education and Basic Education (B. Ed) Programs
  3. First Year Students Of Tertiary Institutions
  4. Physically challenged applicants


GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship Contact Details

  • If you need any inquiries contact the official gnpc Undergraduate scholarship secretariat contact number on 0302975847


GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship Application Deadline – Closing Date

  • The GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship Application for this year will commence for undergraduate applicants from 2nd November to 22nd November.
  • The GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship Application Deadline for undergraduate students is therefore: 22nd November


GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship list

  • Online interview dates and subsequent release of GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship for all selected applicants: 16th November to 20TH November


GNPC Undergraduate Scholarship Online Interview Date

  • Online interview date for all selected applicants: 16th November to 20TH November


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  2. Please how would you know if you have qualified for the scholarship

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