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Kindly Read The Message Below Before Joining!!!

  • Please dont join out of curiosity and exit.
  • This group is for vacancy announcement and stated procedures for you to apply for the job. That is all. It is not for “Connection”, “Protocol” or Providing any form of assistance, we do not provide any of such services.
  • Beware of scammers who pose as admin or claim to be part of Note that we will never contact you for any deal or payment at all.
  • Vacancies announced in this group requires either a Diploma, HND, NVTI, Degree or Its equivalent, Drivers with good WASSCE passes can join for a related vacancy.
  • You can join if you are an SHS leaver or SHS graduate, you just have to be patient for an SHS vacancy, don’t just exit after joining
  • Check Out All Available Jobs Here »» All Available Jobs Today ««


  • Also note that the Whatsapp group is muted to prevent people from posting unrelated posts (Mallams, Advertisement etc). The whatsapp group is for receiving vacancies while the telegram group is for discussions.
  • To join the Telegram group, you must install and activate telegram from play store just like you did with whatsapp then CLICK THIS LINK TO JOIN THE TELEGRAM GROUP



Scam Alert

Beware of scammers who claim to be an admin of our groups or platform, or representing us to solicit for payment to give you connection to a job or give you a deal of any form. Take note of the following:

  1. We have never and will never send you or any member of our groups, personal messages for any reason.
  2. There is only one admin in all our platforms who hardly reply personal messages, to talk of sending you a message.


About The Group

  • Everyone Is Welcome To Join This Group 🤩🤩🤩. This group is dedicated to announcing Public Sector and Credible Private sector jobs as soon as they are released and detailed instructions on how to apply, free of charge.🥳
  • Under no circumstance should you make any payment of any sort for vacancies we announce. Anyone who tries to engage you in such regard is a scammer.
  • This group will only allow posts from administrators to prevent others from posting unrelated stuff, if you want to discuss something join our telegram group.
  • KINDLY CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO JOIN. ALERT US IF IT IS FULL: Pls do not join more than one group. Same content will be posted across. Government Jobs Alert  :


Kindly Take Note Of The Following

  1. Note that we only announce job vacancies we do not provide any form of assistance.
  2. Most of the announced jobs are suited to tertiary graduates with Diploma, HND, NVTI and Degree qualifications. An SHS leaver or graduate can join, but be patient for a related vacancy
  3. This group focuses on public sector jobs when released, however private sector vacancies will be announced daily
  4. Jobs announced are from newspapers and reputable organization websites 
  5. We do not claim to announce jobs on behalf of any organization.


Share Your Success To Encourage Others

If you ever get an interview or appointment through the jobs we post, don’t hesitate to share your experience to encourage others.

  1. You can post this yourself if you are on our telegram page, or just send a single message beginning with the word “Appointment”, to the admin of the group and he will respond.
  2. Note that we receive lots of messages so just sending hi or any other message might not be responded to.
  3. And only send the aforementioned message to share your success dont use it as a means to communicate with the admin about other things other than sharing your success.


This is an initiative.

Terms And Conditions Apply.


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