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The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) wishes to inform the public that the Authority has developed and introduced a mobile app, Ghana Tax Stamp Authenticator to help verify or authenticate the genuineness of the tax stamp affixed to specified excisable products they purchase.  The app has been introduced to enable the public complement the efforts of GRA to monitor the tax stamp.

The specified excisable products that must have excise tax stamp affixed to are:

  • Mineral water;
  • Bottled and other packaged water excluding sachet water;
  • Carbonated soft drinks;
  • Malt drink;
  • Stout;
  • Beer, including cider beer, whether bottled canned or packaged in any form;
  • Wines, including sparkling wine;
  • Spirits;
  • Cigarettes and other tobacco products.

The app can be downloaded on Goggle Play Store on an android phone of 5 and more capacity.  After downloading, Scan the tax stamp affixed to your product.  If the stamp is genuine the scan results will show the following information:

  • Product Type
  • Product Origin
  • Human Readable Code (HR code)
  • Organisation Name
  • Metric Name

If the scan result indicates suspect, please report to any GRA office or call 0244465672.

The public is advised to compare the information on the phone with the actual information on the product.  Any difference between the scanned results and the actual product should be reported to GRA for the necessary action.







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