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GSS New Updates On Payment Of PHC Allowance

The Ghana Statistical Service through the its Districts, Municipals and Metropolitants District Census Officials has clarified the amount to be paid each participant-trainee for the Population and Housing Census (PHC).


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GSS Updates On Payment Of PHC Allowance

  • A statement issued by the GSS indicates that trainees will receive an of GH¢330 as allowance without any deduction.
  • However, enumerators and Supervisors will receive GH¢2500 and GH¢2950 respectively for the PHC. That those selected at the end of the training.
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GSS PHC Allowance Payment Schedule

Trainers both Supervisors and Enumerators are to receive Training allowance (Transport allowances) of 330gh at the end of the training date scheduled , the following are the details of payment;

  1. The first payment of 30% will be paid after first week of training as follows:
    30%÷ 330 ×100= 99 so this means that Trainers are to receive their 30 percent of the allowance either.
  2. The second payment of 40% will be paid in the second week of training Which is from Monday going as follows: 40%÷330×100%=132gh
  3. The last payment of the remaining 30% training allowances will be paid three days after start of the listing thus from 16th June 2021 as follows: Remaining 30%÷330×100% = 99gh
  4. In all the total amount of allowance to be yet received by the trainers will be 330 Ghana cedis.
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  1. Ghana statistical service has disappointed Ghana In the training of enumerators.
    How can you bring a communique saying, you will pay an allowance of GHC 50.00 per day and at the end, you come out to tell us that the allowance is just GHC 30.00 per day!!
    If people apply for it and they are given messages means they’ve been picked to work, so what’s the meaning of the interview that was conducted just to take bribes and protocols to work??
    I can bet my last breathe on this that, GSS will never achieve the actual figure they want. Mark Zuckerberg once said, “if you don’t treat your employees well, they will use your own data to search for different work”.

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