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How To Flash A Phone

Here is How To Flash A Phone. As far as being on this page is concerned, I suppose that you might be really in need of some advice on how to flash your phone. Though the flashing of phones gets complicated sometimes, we are going to discuss with you how you should go about it. By the time you are through with this article, you shouldn’t be having any problem trying to flash your phone at all.


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How To Flash Android Phone

If you are researching on how to flash a cell phone, there are many ways to deal with it. Talking of flashing phones, we also mean reconstructing or resetting them. Android OS was made up for ultimate customization. Anyone with the knowledge of how to flash a phone has the capability of turning their android phones into brand new ones. If you are new to this, just follow the following steps below to get started:


Step 1

Backup your phone’s data to your computer

Regarding the process of phone flashing, this is the most important part of it. Since the flashing clear almost every data or information on the phone, it is recommended that you back up your files to enable retrievals after the flashing process. You can find apps on Play Store that are meant for backups. Examples are Helium as well as Titanium Backup. These apps enable you to back up your data to your computer so that the data can be restored after the flashing.


Step 2

Unlock Bootloader/ Root your phone

Regarding flashing your phone with a custom ROM, you will have to change your bootloader settings. Bootloader on phones does the same work that BIOS does on computers. But one thing about these bootloaders is that they vary from phone to phone.

Once the bootloader is unlocked, you should root your phone. Rooting an android paves way for the flashing of the RO<. Apps like Kingo, SuperSU Pro, Root App are good apps to root your phone.


Step 3

Installing Prefered ROM

Choose and installs the ROM of your preference in case you haven’t done that yet. CyanogenMod, Paranoid, Carbon, and MIUI are comprised of a list of the most popular ROMs. In case you are pondering over how to flash a phone without a computer, we’d suggest you download the ROM to your computer and then move it to your phone. You can as well use an app names ROM Manager if you find yourself not having one (computer). This app will automatically download different ROMs to your phone.


Step 4

Boot phone into recovery mode

Booting your phone into recovering mode requires you to hold down the Volume Down button as when switching it on. This means you have to shut down your phone and press and hold the volume down button when turning it back on. This will take you to the bootloader. Once there, you will have to navigate your way through the settings with the volume buttons and selecting them with the power button.


Step 5

Flashing ROM to your android phone

If you are able to gain access to the recovery mode, you can choose from the options a few of them (wipe, install, settings, backup, etc.) Using the volume buttons, navigate to install and use the power button to select it. On the next screen, select ‘Install zip from sd card’. Navigate to the path where your ROM is located and confirm the installation by swiping the button at the bottom of your screen.


How To flash A Phone

Best software for flashing phones

You will have to note that different phones may include different methods for flashing them. You can follow the aforementioned steps above to successfully flash your device. Below is a list of a few apps you can use to flash your phones.


This is probably the best flashing tool available. Assuming you in search of how to flash a bricked Samsung phone, this app is strongly recommended to unbrick your already bricked Samsung Galaxy phone. Concerning this app, it was made to be used only by the Samsung company’s staff. But it got leaked to the public. Although there one Kies app for the same function, Odin is far better and is rated the most popular tool today.

Emma Flash Tool

Concerning the flashing tool for Sony Xperia devices, you are recommended to use this Emma flash tool. This app can also root or restore your phone to its formal stock ROM. You should be noted that your device’s bootloader needs to be unlocked before this app can run successfully.

Miracle Box

Likely, this app (Miracle Box) has been named because it’s more than just a flashing tool. It can render operations like to unlock and flash multiple device chipsets such as Mediatek, Qualcomm, and Spectrum. Talking of Chinese phone brands flying on the mobile market, this app is best recommended to them.

SP Flash Tool

This is the tool that you will need to flash stock ROM and custom recover any Mediatek android phone. It is very useful in repairing bricked MTK android phones. With which brands it works on, you can name Tecno, Gionee, Infinix, Innjoo, and Opsson. If your MTK device isn’t able to complete its boot sequence, this is the app for you.


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