How To Prepare For COVID 19 Lockdown And Self Quarantine In Ghana : Detailed Guide

Here is How to Prepare for COVID 19 Lockdown and Self Quarantine. As the Government of Ghana has initiated the lockdown to contain the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic, Here is How to Prepare for COVID 19 Lockdown and Self Quarantine. With the outbreak of COVID 19 and everyone at risk of contracting the viral disease it is important you are much aware of how to prepare yourself for a lockdown or self quarantine situation.


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Symptoms Of COVID-19


COVID-19 is characterized by mild symptoms including a runny nose, sore throat, cough, and fever. Illness can be more severe for some people and can lead to pneumonia or breathing difficulties.
More rarely, the disease can be fatal. Older people, and people with other medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease), may be more vulnerable to becoming severely ill.
You may experience:

  1. runny nose
  2. sore throat
  3. cough
  4. fever
  5. difficulty breathing (severe cases)


COVID-19 Precautions


  1. Clean hands frequently with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water
  2. Cover nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing with tissue or flexed elbow
  3. Avoid close contact (1 metre or 3 feet) with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms
  4. Get abreast with How to Prepare for COVID 19 Lockdown and Self Quarantine


Things Needed To Prepare for COVID 19 Lockdown and Self Quarantine




If you live alone, then ordering online if available is the best way to get food if you run out of groceries or basic survival feeding supplements. For a delivery person, let them be away to leave the food or food items at the door so you can pick up later to avoid a spread if any party has the virus. If there is no such option, require a family or neighbour to do the shopping for you.

Payment for such must not be the exchange of physical cash but by transfer, Mobile Money or Bank to Bank transfers is advisable.

If you are with Family, make sure you eat alone and isolate your utensils and dishes. Ensure you eat hot foods and for fruits wash them thoroughly and have good blend of nutritious and healthy foods.



Living alone, you can drink water from the tap or order for your water to be kept separately, if you doubt the hygienic condition of the water then boil above 100 degrees and store in a cool clean container.

This is probably the best time to get stocks of bottled water. If you live where there is inadequacy of water or the taps do not flow as usual, do get a reservoir of gallons of water to be used solely by you, and if you must order for water and pay by cashless mediums.



Entertainment or Recreation

Boredom can kill faster than COVID 19 so an essential prerequisite on how to Prepare for COVID 19 Lockdown and Self Quarantine is to make available adequate sources of entertainment and recreation; movies, games, books, music and any other forms of ensuring boredom is killed. Ensure there is adequate and reliable source of power(electricity), ventilation and comfort.



This is not the best time to have to be catering for pets; walking the dogs in the neighbourhood or taking them out for fresh air or whatever you do with them. Leave them with a neighbour who is not on lockdown or self quarantine.

Dogs and cats especially can test positive for COVID 19 and it is advised by WHO to stay away from animals(pets).



First Aid Medical Supplies


It is essential to get first aid medical supplies in your lockdown or quarantine location. First aid is something you need either in a COVID 19 or not situation.



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