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5 Ways To Protect Your Bank Account And Bank App From Thieves

Here are 5 Ways to protect your Bank Account and Bank App from thieves. There are numerous cases involving the withdrawal of money from bank accounts without the owners’ prior concern. These activities can be done through fraudulent activities like phishing, hacking, etc. These kinds of situations might be head blowing and could cause very serious damages to the victims.

About how technology has brought us far in terms of banking etc, that is the same way thieves, with the help of these same technologies, break into our daily lives leaving us hopeless and helpless.

This mostly happens when these victims fail to put out the right security measures. And this brings us to what this article has to tell us.

This article is mainly about taking you through Protective Measures you need to take very seriously to protect yourself from any of these attacks.




Making Use of your Bank’s ATM

You might find yourself in a place where there might be the need to withdraw your cash using an ATM. Well, you are advised to use only the ATM of your bank. You might as well not find any of your bank’s ATMs around. Then that takes you to using an ATM which is not a stand-alone ATM which is located in an unusual location.

The ATM should be located at a location where any normal ATM would be located. For example, by roadsides or mostly, busy places. In case you had a hard time locating the ATM, do not think of inserting your card.

Hackers are capable of installing these types of ATMs just to steal your card details when you make any transaction. Since their intentions are dirty, they will hardly plant out that ATM at an easily located place.


Don’t Access Your Account Anywhere

This is the easiest way a hacker can access your account details. This is by creating a fake network in the form of free Wi-Fi. Most people who are fond of connecting to any free Wi-Fi usually trades their phones’ access to the hackers.

By this, the hacker is granted access to any information on your phone including your bank account details especially when you make any transactions while connected to the network.


Adopt The Use Of Very Strong Passwords

About passwords, they are like your underwear. You don’t have to share them with any other person, let them (anyone) see it and also change them regularly.

This is to say that your passwords are the keys to your various accounts. That is the only thing that stands between anyone trying to get access to your account and your account. Because of this, hackers are always trying to get new ways to fish your passwords all the time.

Some are very good at guessing your password. And so therefore, you have no choice than to use very strong passwords that do not relate to you in any way. Like using the name of your pet as your password. This is just like telling someone to come for your hard-earned money since you don’t have anything better to do with it.

Always use easy-remembering yet strong passwords for your bank accounts, the ones that are hard to guess and involves characters, numbers and letters. (if possible make some of the characters capital eg: yetTo45#).




Never Disclose Your Pin To Anyone

Hackers also have very special skills like social engineering. They can call you with what looks like your bank’s phone number and act exactly like a banking agent without any flaws. This method has now been well known by the public. So, they adopt very smart ways of asking you your banking details indirectly.

No matter what happens, you should know that no genuine banker will ever ask for your banking details, especially your PIN no matter what problem they claim your account might be going through.

If you experience any of this activity, report it to your bank immediately.


Perform Regular Checks on Your Account

Hackers can also deactivate your email and SMS notifications before they embark on transferring any amount from your account. Therefore when doing transactions, take very close notes of your account balance in order to detect any reduction or transaction you will not issue.



Hackers have been wild these days and one of the painful things to ever experience is to find out your life savings has been withdrawn from your bank by a hacker, this is why you need to protect yourselves that you might not be a victim, in this article, we went through 5 Ways to protect your Bank Account and Bank App from thieves. Take them very seriously and you will not be a victim.

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