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Procedures: NTC Urges Teachers To Upload Their Proof Of Rank

Here is How To Upload Proof Of Rank On The NTC Portal as well as other details on the NTC Portal. The National Teaching Council (NTC) has asked all teachers to revisit the NTC portal to upload their proof of rank. Earlier this year all in service teachers were directed to register for automatic generation of numbers without any exams being written.

This is to aid provision of license to all in service teachers. All teachers note that without your rank being uploaded, you cannot be given a license and therefore it is mandatory for every in-service teacher to partake in this exercise.

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How To Upload Proof Of Rank And Update Details On The NTC Portal

If you already have an account on the NTC portal then continue from the step below. If you are new to the NTC portal Kindly follow the procedures below to update your details on the NTC portal:

  1. First Log on to
  2. Then Enter your credentials (Email and Password)
  3. Afterwards an authentication code will be sent through the email you used in logging in (open your email accounts and check in the spam folder) Copy and paste the authentication code in the required area to authenticate your account.
  4. Then Select continue to profile set-up
  5. At theĀ personal information dashboard, scroll downwards to selectĀ YOUR RANK AND YEAR OF FIRST PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION
  6. Then Navigate to your FILESĀ and upload youā€™re your PROOF OF RANKĀ andĀ FIRST PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION.Ā 
  7. Your Files must be in a pdf format.


  1. after making the necessary correction of rank. how many days will it take it to reflect? I am asking because i have done it.

  2. A teacher by name Evelyn Gidi registered for the teacher’s license and was asked to prove her rank. She did that and the system is requesting for her index number meanwhile she has been in system for long.
    Please any help for her

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